There is something scary to awakening…

But, awakening to what really? This whole thing tends to and does seem a little vague, explains the seeming skepticism that many approach the awakening thing with. See, Man is and will always remain to be a powerful being but long gone are those days. Many things have changed and with these changes came the erosion of the True Man.

Even in this day and age, though some are beginning to be realize we are more than Man has ever thought himself to be, we have a long way to go before we can…

Nobody screams POWER! better than this one personal hero of mine Samurai Jack! This anime character beat endless odds, to the point of losing and even giving up on his own self, before gaining his quest. TENACITY! keeps him going

So, this is it …Nothing good comes easy!

This is not me trying to raining in on your parade but rather stating something of fact. Hard work does not always translate to physical difficulty, it has everything to do with your willingness to go that extra mile that others wouldn’t. To set yourself apart, not wait for others to do it for you …

By fact, this is what I meant by nothing good comes easy.

The true value of something is learnt while one mines for it …the true value of any one thing is learnt as you push…

The essence about self esteem is the belief that we are bigger than we act, can tackle just about anything given enough time and this alone keeps us growing against all odds and through every challenge. Power of I AM

People never rise above the opinions of themselves.

Simple? Yeah …Deep? Very. The folly of such statements is in their simplicity, how the simplicity is nothing more than an aggregate of such depth and vastness, they do say that calm waters run deep yes?

Yes, what I do think of myself will always have more implications over my life than what others think of me. People always talk and learning to look beyond gossip and cheap words is a skill anyone needs to have. In any case, you’ll never make everyone happy and even so it seems almost impossible to…

Liner time (Chronos) exists very much within Nonlinear time (Kairos). It can even be said Chronos is simply Kairos unraveling and experiencing itself …and we exist within them! talk bout Chronos swallowing up his kids whole , Haa!

There is truth and fallacy in the illusion that time is not Linear. Like is the case in almost everything in this Universe, duality applies for time as well. Time is both linear and nonlinear: in that it exists beyond just yesterday-today-tomorrow but an entity in and of itself juts as much it does exist as a long procession of passing moments. The two most proponent and basic in tis Universe is Time and Placement (Distance). Linear time simply captures, and breaks down, the coordinates in the Placement per moment. This is time as we have been taught to interact…

we walk the same sets over and over again… its the knowledge we learn to apply in these repeat sets that make all the difference. Resilience matters most

Ok, lets lay this thing out …not the first time but turns out there are million ways to say the same old same old same old. This substitutes wisdom, when you’re able to apply the same piece of knowledge in an endless array of circumstances and possibilities. In a way, true wealth is about being able to see the endless potentials in one very simple and almost plain circumstance.

Now, it happens, seeing as there is no one possibility, that life has no one thing set in stone. Now, do not interpret this to mean that there are no inevitable…

Existence without Purpose can be equated to floating through a Void …having fallen in and not knowing how to get out, if getting out is even possible …and we float through Life like this.

I often wish that my articles had messages of bliss and never-ending joy but that would be a lie now wouldn’t it. It seems that the mere existence of Man in flesh is the very trigger of endless suffering …or not. Seasons do change.

Now, as it were, we all are human and remain to be so. Someday or time, life may have been more peaceful, less hectic and psychologically demanding than it seems now. …

Until science learns to make itself into an art, many of the things just discovered will forever be beyond us. To know is not the same as to understand: knowledge requires experience to be complete.

This Universe is all energy, in many forms and under many forces. The idea is to concentrate and focus energy enough to make physical appearance. That’s manifesting!

That in mind, wormholes are scientifically described as holes in the fabric of the universe allowing passage from one dimension to another. These they are. They can be very physical (extra personal) in deed but as of now we shall speak on them as intrapersonal. Emotions and feelings are the doorways to internal wormholes. …

Although Time is a very solid and continuous construct, we Man experience it as progressive moments. How about we just get lost in these moments as they pass… nothing lasts forever but memories do. Make them worthwhile

There are certain, powerful experiences, that you would never really know about until you find yourself having them. They’re not definite listed down experiences, all experiences have the ability to be powerful. We just have to learn how. But first, let us back track to simple beliefs I the author hold. Need to say, these beliefs have evolved from simple “this is what I was told” to even simpler statements with complex reasons. Best to say, seasons change:

ü Life comes back down to moments:

The best approach to take in life (as per my perspectives) is that of moments…

Rather be Spirituality attained than Critically acclaimed; Application now within Supplication now to Him…Substance over hype, the work was the best it could have been. Keep moving!

Life does happen in stages, one day you are here and the next you are somewhere else. Someone else.

You rise and you fall, in moments on the film of life. You grow and you retrograde. And within this, is life… through this you are carried away in life.

So yeah, look for no other Secret, than the grace riding these waves. It is all within us, the Power to do just about anything. In us.

See, this is Life and Life does happen in stages. Everything neatly tucks into another, streams leading to the ocean converging into mighty waters of rivers.

There shall be rising and falling, depth and shallowness, rapid ways and slow winding days. Not once do we deny the river for changing currents, we simply agree to its creeping ceaseless motion. And this, this in its totality, is Life.

And God saw that it was not good for Man to be alone… it is far from the nature of Man that we are far and removed from one another. Yet what a state Man now exists in in the urban life. The call for help comes from so deep, so far inside …asking for love, for acceptance, for companionship

I am watching people I know being destroyed by intoxication. I have watched this since childhood, the males in my family. Then I watched the friends of my older siblings. Now I am watching it happen to those I know, personally, those I care for and others I don’t. it has always been there, this fire, but now it burns a little too close for comfort.

I don’t know what is sadder, the deep depression that begun their personal cycles or the substances ran to for solace but only kill. …

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