Nobody screams POWER! better than this one personal hero of mine Samurai Jack! This anime character beat endless odds, to the point of losing and even giving up on his own self, before gaining his quest. TENACITY! keeps him going

The essence about self esteem is the belief that we are bigger than we act, can tackle just about anything given enough time and this alone keeps us growing against all odds and through every challenge. Power of I AM

Liner time (Chronos) exists very much within Nonlinear time (Kairos). It can even be said Chronos is simply Kairos unraveling and experiencing itself …and we exist within them! talk bout Chronos swallowing up his kids whole , Haa!

we walk the same sets over and over again… its the knowledge we learn to apply in these repeat sets that make all the difference. Resilience matters most

Existence without Purpose can be equated to floating through a Void …having fallen in and not knowing how to get out, if getting out is even possible …and we float through Life like this.

This Universe is all energy, in many forms and under many forces. The idea is to concentrate and focus energy enough to make physical appearance. That’s manifesting!

Although Time is a very solid and continuous construct, we Man experience it as progressive moments. How about we just get lost in these moments as they pass… nothing lasts forever but memories do. Make them worthwhile

Rather be Spirituality attained than Critically acclaimed; Application now within Supplication now to Him…Substance over hype, the work was the best it could have been. Keep moving!

And God saw that it was not good for Man to be alone… it is far from the nature of Man that we are far and removed from one another. Yet what a state Man now exists in in the urban life. The call for help comes from so deep, so far inside …asking for love, for acceptance, for companionship

Mumina Musings

Free spirit. Fire heart. Genius mind. Self realize to self actualize. Visit

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