Energy, oh highly undefinable energy, cannot be destroyed but simply is.

The infinity of the Creator, whatever name you choose to use, is undeniable. And its Being and Non-being can be found the finite that is the Creation. Yet even in the Creation, the Infinite nature of the origin is reflected in the ability to self-propagate as Nature does.

It does change form: an ever continuous journey that Man cannot for the price of life itself, tell what the departure was nor the destination. We ourselves have found out that we are part of this journey, as energy keeps doing its thing. We are made up of pure energy after all.

Well this time, it seems, energy chose to pose and play pretend as Man. A dark sense of humor that we cannot fully grasp.

Thinking on this, clearly the act of creation keeps happening. It never stopped at the Big Bang, this was just the mark of beginning. Like the curtains opening. Energy is the show itself, the players in the show, the story itself and the spectator. Something only energy can pull off.

Seeing as its capabilities cannot be constrained for life itself.

The similarities between Man and the largesse of Creation have been pretty obvious, even shouting at us to truly see. The whole of Creation groans awaiting the Manifestation of the Children of God. Home coming.

Man and the Creator, however share something so intricate compared to the rest of Creation. Do not get me wrong, all of Creation is imbued with consciousness. Without consciousness, there would be no Creation. Energy, the one main characteristic about energy, is consciousness. In that, it does not need external prompting to behave and act in this or that way. Energy, whichever form its takes, simply plays itself out. Man and the Creator, however, have this one thing in common.

Awareness of self as a Consciousness: Self-Consciousness.

In the Fall, Man literally fell out of the grace that mere consciousness provides. Flowers, birds and fish; Oceans, stars and mountains; Electrons, protons and neutrons do not have to work hard at being what they are. They just are. And Man fell from this Being-ness and into a lot of Doing-ness.

As if to prove a point, but to whom?

The Creator, full of humor and all, simply humored Man and let him do his things. Someday, he would reach the Truth about existence. Just because you create a point in the infinite and separate this point so now it exists as finite does not make it any less part of the infinite. Yes, separations is the sickness of Man.

God-Man, I dare say.

The Creator, is like a parent and we Man, are the children. And in patience, the parent awaits the child’s full growth into the realization of just what they are. Upon this realization, comes the marriage of the finite self-consciousness and the infinite pure-consciousness into what I can only term Super-Consciousness.

Super-consciousness: the choice of the omni-potent, omni-scient and omni-present to experience the finite.

This is Free-will.




Free spirit. Fire heart. Genius mind. Self realize to self actualize. Visit shebelives.wordpress.com

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Mumina Musings

Mumina Musings

Free spirit. Fire heart. Genius mind. Self realize to self actualize. Visit shebelives.wordpress.com

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