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There are two kinds of evil: the pervasion of the mind and that of the spirit. Both are evil, lacking morality. Both lead to the destruction of Man.

When we hear evil, many times we think of the recipient of the unjust deed. Not much thought is given to the one who dishes it out. It all seems clear and distinct, the victim vs the perpetrator. If there be no victim, then is there any evil really? Well, the nature of what is evil has many facets and we as Man are subject to them.

The Deadly Seven Devils

One of the most important values any man could have: Self-Control, the ability to limit, stop and altogether deny yourself base desires. If they serve no greater purpose, then they are best done without. The moral compass is built through this practice.

Do what though wilt.

Nothing screams immoral more than this. Seeming innocent and euphoric, this is the trick. It takes away accountability for those around you. Especially if no seeming harm has befallen them. Man in essence is a Spirit having a Physical experience. It is what we cannot see that has the most implication. So, what do we fail to see in this?

Pervasion destroys the Soul of the partaker. It separates him from his own essence, binding the Mind down to very basic very crude senses, reduces him to beast state. So as a beast he lives, albeit ‘civilized’ yet his desires are no more elevated than that of an animal; eat, mate, sleep and repeat. Fine, he could dine fine, mate with the top, sleep in the vastest but having lost sight of his true nature.

This is evil, the pervasion of the Mind. Losing the sensitivity of the Spirit, Man is given over to sensuality. The sense, the five basic sense, are blinding and subject to the ego. Over fed, they run over seeking more. Like a chariot, the human body being dragged by the five senses runs amuck. The mind ought to drive the chariot: losing control, it loses itself altogether and the chariot is bound to crash.

The senses are a communication rely, part of a larger system, but never the operating system. To lose sight of this is folly. Being as they are just a part and not the whole, they can never be filled to completion. They are but a conduit, a hollow pipe, which can be fed and fed and fed into but will never fill.

This kind of evil is most dangerous, for it presents as a trojan horse. It destroys the one who indulges, making him the victim and perpetrator all at once. One asks, “What is wrong with it? I mean, it's not like I am harming anybody.” But they are, they hurt themselves and whomever else they indulge with. They degrade the body, condition the ego to expect and accept the same degradation eventually creating a toxic cycle in their relationships. With themselves and with others. Eroding their sense of value, eventually killing their moral compass altogether.

The seven deadly sins: Pride, Lust, Wrath/Vengeance, Envy, Jealousy, Greed, Gluttony. The very seven that life is all about today.

Gods and Goddesses: Deities or Demons

Maybe this is why there is so much trauma being dished out in the world of today, that many of Man be fragmented beyond repair. Break a Man enough and there shall be enough room to insert other beings into their psyche. Break a Man enough and you can use him, direct him, to complete your agenda and purpose.

Getting too into any one of these, enough to fragment the Soul and the Spirit, a vacuum is created. And nature does not like vacuums, so it must be filled. By what? The blueprint of the initial pervasion, the personifications.

Everything in existence is energy before it is matter: matter itself is a coagulated form of energy. Everything is Spirit before it is Physical. Thought before form. Blueprint before creation. Not all of creation get to become tangible, some are abstract: to be experienced by the tangible.

The non-tangibles, tempted by the sensual tangibility, felt the need to be tangible. They gave up the limitlessness of their abstract form and came to be as Man. Thus, gods walked amongst men. Men were blinded by the highly limited power these gods portrayed. They wanted what the gods could give. So Man gave up his own supremacy, just to taste what these gods could give.

The Power to Create in Man and the Power of these gods and goddesses gave rise to new forms of life, though they were really not life. They were created from a place of lack, a place of envy, a place of irresponsible use of power. They were created by two beings that were very different and had no business mingling as such. The demons were brought forth. Each personified the nature of irresponsible use of power, the nature of envy or jealousy or lack experienced by their progenitors.

They carry the nature of Man in them, they carry the abstract of these gods and goddesses. They are unnatural and cannot sustain their own existence, they are not connected to the creator of life. They feed off of Man. They starve Man, given the chance. All one has to do is get carried away by a deadly sin: perverted and separated from their own Spirit, then there is a vacuum open to be filled.

Man as all Powerful

Unto Man has been given the power of life and death, in his tongue and in his heart. What we do, when we do what we do, is it life giving or is it life taking? And who do we hurt the most by our deeds and words?

Man has been afforded a precious gift, setting us apart from the rest of creation. The epitome of it, this gift, is that we are creators our own selves. Not just procreators as all species are, but cocreators. Able to think free and imagine and bring idea into form. We revel in being able to create be it through science or art.

Because of this, our Spirits are in essence unrestrained. In the unseen, we can roam from realm to realm and in this roaming we imagine. From this imagination, we can create in the physical. When we know ourselves and are well founded in this knowledge, we are free to move without being taken captive in these realms. If not, we are bound to get tempted and trapped.

Any entrapment of the Spirit is evil, pervasion. It was never intended to be this way; the realms were made to serve and enliven the Spirit. The Spirit of Man was never supposed to feed the realm and its inhabitants, which do include the abominable in the realms of their parent gods/goddesses. It is possible to be completely consumed, used up and depleted. Then death of the Soul and Spirit is inevitable.

The modern world regards such matters as tales, myths and legends but are they really? Without realizing it, the modern Man in the modern world is bombarded with tantalizing sensual traps from birth. Does he have time to invest in self-knowledge? Does he even know of himself as a Spirit? Is he familiar with this Spirit that he is?

The evil that causes pervasion of the Mind is rampant. This pervasion leads to the pervasion of the Soul and the Spirit. The all-powerful Man is reduced to a morsel of food on the plate of dementing spirits.



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