Liner time (Chronos) exists very much within Nonlinear time (Kairos). It can even be said Chronos is simply Kairos unraveling and experiencing itself …and we exist within them! talk bout Chronos swallowing up his kids whole , Haa!

There is truth and fallacy in the illusion that time is not Linear. Like is the case in almost everything in this Universe, duality applies for time as well. Time is both linear and nonlinear: in that it exists beyond just yesterday-today-tomorrow but an entity in and of itself juts as much it does exist as a long procession of passing moments. The two most proponent and basic in tis Universe is Time and Placement (Distance). Linear time simply captures, and breaks down, the coordinates in the Placement per moment. This is time as we have been taught to interact and exist in. Then comes the aspect that these Placements per moment are in fact a larger story unfolding. The wholeness of the story is the nonlinear of Time, it is the mark of Existence itself.

Now, if the nonlinear Time is the mark of existence, then the linear Time is a detailed map of this Existence. And we exist within both, part of the larger and bigger whole …bigger than just our Selves.

Spirituality is nothing more than the practice to associate with the Nonlinear while keeping pace with the Linear thus giving life direction beyond any physical and passing agenda or end.

Spirituality is practiced for no other reason or purpose than its own… really, the end is the practice itself. The means to the end is the practice itself still.

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