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5 min readNov 8, 2023

To think of life in the basic 7 characteristics as giving in biology, however efficient and serving to the study, is limiting to the very nature of life. Born, feeds, respires, excretes, grows, moves, stimulated only to die.

Man is seated at the bottom of the Tree of Life, yet in blindness will not see this. Man being matter, forgets his true origins and remains blinded by this forgetfulness. However, to awaken to his true nature does not mean salvation either.

All things in incarnation do these things. Yet the nature of incarnation is limited to the very tangible. But beyond, there is life, and it has been in existence for quite a while. Even before Man could join the merry band.

Energy is life. Spirit is life. Not to be destroyed but changing form. Moving from one to another, in and out in and out in and out …

The Dance Goes

This is an intricate process, complex but not difficult. Made up of many simple designs, all joined in a merry band, but traceable through time. Science calls it the Big Bang, believers the Creation: back to The Beginning of what we know as the Universe. The orchestra begun in a bang!

Everything in existence has an energetic blueprint, a Spirit whose intention is to ensure prime and proper order. Even the most inanimate object, has life. Everything, down to the silliest and most abstract of thoughts, has a Spirit.

In a Universe so vast and abundant, there must be order least chaos abound. So precise is this measure that the difference between order and chaos can be way less than .000000000001. Energy faces in and out of these designated agendas in a controlled manner. Only a specific amount of energy is congealed in the form of matter with the rest is in flow state. It is an intricate balance, that I dare say has nothing to do with good and evil.

The human Soul is a subject of curiosity, all these things are able to meld and meet up in Man. Even eager to. It seems that clay is only too happy to be modelled and molded in the hands of Man. So, it is with many things in creation, from whose original form can another form be derived. We call it art.

What of Balance

The idea of balance between light and dark is misconstrued. See, we can no more choose or refuse to partake in the intricate dance of matter and energy. We cannot affect the pre-set ratios and numbers of the dance.

In fact, our presence has no effect whatsoever, as energy subjects to one thing only: Time. They both, Energy and Time answer to the Creator. We, as Man are energy in matter form and under the spell of Time. That we can perceive this, even study it, does not exempt us one bit. So, what really can we do about it other than make the best and most out of it?

It is foolish of us to assume that light and dark implies at good and evil beyond the highly useful analogy. While light and dark, a cruder point, refers to the movement of energy in and out of matter, good and evil refers to a highly refined point. It refers to choices, choices to be for life or against life.

Ease and Disease: Life and Death.

Matter is dense, it requires large amounts of energy to appear in form. Just to create an atom needs massive energy, to hold the subatomic particles in form, the forces to keep them in check. The attractive forces between the atoms themselves, between the compounds. Thus, burning things releases energy as atoms are set free. Atomic disintegration releases even more energy, nuclear power. Imagine what it takes to create life and sustain it.

In matter form, flowing energy moves into and out of. This stops decay, refreshing through the flow. Even as fluid energy flows, the congealed energy cannot recognize the energetic flow for what it is. It is just feed. The flowing energy, i.e. Light, just keeps moving. It is aware. The congealed energy, i.e. Matter can be said to be in Darkness. It forgets itself as energy and is aware of itself as being Matter. Until the time is passed when it must fall back into the flow.

To remember yourself as being energy/Spirit is the greatest gift one can give to themselves. Many are trapped in matter mentality. Limiting their identity to the matter form. Beyond sustaining existence in matter, there is nothing else of substance than to sharpen our identity as Spirit. Otherwise, we starve the flow of pristine energy and encourage decay.

Decay of matter is inevitable. Energy in nature is in flow state. It craves to be free and to move, works to return to this. There is a way of life that can mimic and therefore encourage this flow state even in incarnation. Just as much, there is a way of life that starves the flow. Such leads to sickness, decay and quick death even before the Spirit/Soul has achieved its desired objective.

In one such life, the Soul disassociates with the Spirit and is fully intertwined with the Body which is dense. It seeks to fulfill the cravings of the Body, which are all dense as well. They serve to stimulate the Body but what of the Spirit? This anti-nature accumulates more to itself, defiling the very nature of life through acts of lust, greed and gluttony. It feeds envy and jealousy when one cannot acquire for themselves what they desire. It creates pride when one is able to acquire, and anger/vengeance when they cannot. Once the monster has awakened, it must be fed through all means.

Light and Dark: Good and Evil

Good and evil, is subject to Man alone. The rest of nature and time itself, follows the pre-set course. To Man was given choice. Evil is against life in its essence, starving the flow of energy/Spirit. It affects the doer of evil and the oft receiver. Because of the above 7 deadly sins, Man will act against life. Enough times and they lose conviction.

In fact, there is evil of the Spirit. Acts that defile not just the Body but the Spirit. Pervasion that eats away at the Spirit, drawing life to sustain itself. By the Body to perpetrate villainous acts, through the Soul to the Spirit and drawing from it. Yes, if there is Spirit behind everything then there is Spirit behind the sins. These are anti-life, starved from the natural flow of energy that emanates from the Creator. These abominations must feed on a true living being to remain in existence. Through history we have called them Demons. Including the proverbial demons within.

Energetic vampirism comes in many forms, the most obvious of which is the infamous Dracula kind, the toxic relationship, emotionally dead kind and others which do include sorcery.



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