Time to take accountability for the choices we make in the present. Although the past is done already, in this here and now, we have more power than we bargain for to change entire outcomes. All one has to do is change or remove a domino in the series and the effect stops! Intentionality is however the precursor

There is this thing, especially among the Christians and more so the African community…an obsession with curses. And I myself had been mystified just as much by them but as is the norm with spiritual growth, things change when new perspectives are reached.

So now, being African means that I am-on some subconscious level-expected to feel shame for being African. And therefore sorry for it. Many years after the whole colonialism and slavery shenanigans, yes, it is part of my history and heritage. Now understand that it is long after these things but as is often the case with generational experiences, it transcribes into the DNA and is passed down. Though I am least likely to stand up, pointing a finger at a Caucasian, shouting bloody murder at the top of my voice, I am no different in the evolutionary cycle: this is one more thing I must face if myself and my progeny are to live to our fullest expression.

I find it sad, listening to people of my parent generation, excuse the current state of the African Man -the Negreo, I say proudly- as the Hamitic curse. I ask, why let corrupt govern ship, shady business and cruel policeman ship rule the day and shamelessly the Hamitic curse is given. A sad excuse, not the reason. Bloody murder, the Negreo, keeps shouting back at our self.

This new generation, of which I am a part, knows nothing of shame and makes the most of guilty pleasures. Proudly. The burden of this so called Hamitic curse has not reached us…should it even be true, it is written after all that the dear Lord does not punish the child for the father’s sins. And in those cases of contradiction that seem to litter the Bible, it further adds that should the Lord even dare to do so, He blesses for a thousand generations and curses for three. Touché!

So, it goes without saying that this is a new wave within the Negreo community and of course the globe at large. Those who scream bloody murder at racism and bloody murder at non-racism fail to understand how we make friends from across the globe and hung out Asian, Caucasian, Mongolian and Negreo equally, we simply choose to shed of the weight of race and enjoy the differences we bring to the table.

Yes, the Negros now yoga and the Asians tribal dance. Caucasians tribal tattoo and Mongolian church attend.

I am all big on women, not truly feminism in the lets-go-to-war type but because women, tending to be the primary nurturer in the family have the ability to influence perspectives and of behavior of an entire generation. Beyoncé says “My persuasion can heal a nation…” and how true! If only we took accountability. Courtesy UNSDG

This is just the tip of the iceberg, a cleansing so deep that no one not of a similar mind would understand. Yes, we are a long way to days when racism and its progeny tribalism are gone, but we bravely or rather naively have chosen as a generation to step forward. To me, this marks the beginning of something new. And for once, curses seem as a far off thing …maybe because they are. It is not arrogance that would cause this generation to dance through a world war but the choice to celebrate the little minute blessings that come our way.

I mean, it only makes sense that the machetes and guns and bombs would be bloody put to less bloody uses like say slicing that barbecue and shooting out some water sprays and lighting bonfires! That particular statement sounds naïve, I know!, but intentions to paint a particular less bloody picture. What is the alternative? Spraying bullets at your classmates or a bloody suicide!? The reality is there and is harsh: the actions of our parent and grandparent and great grandparent generations is bloody, just look at history pages. Choosing to concentrate on them builds anger, rage and bitterness that keeps poisoning the world and therefore us too …

Says it all…

To heal, we must look to a new and different horizon. Walk away from all we thought we knew and open up to new possibilities: forget not where we came from or how we got there yet sure of where we must get to. This becomes the legacy of blessings we pass down to our descendants …then occupy our place next to our ancestors, looking down at our progeny wondering, “What the not bloody hell are those guys doing!?”




Free spirit. Fire heart. Genius mind. Self realize to self actualize. Visit

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Mumina Musings

Free spirit. Fire heart. Genius mind. Self realize to self actualize. Visit

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