Goes without saying, even if I shouted the constitution at the Sun so it shines during the night …well! It is possible though, I need other Larger than Life laws to get this done …not man-made laws

Well well well …the world as we know it, when it does end, has been predicated by scientist and even the religious to do so in a Big Bang. Seems fitting, considering it literally did begin as such. Yeah yeah, I know the oh-so-religious with all their science-came-from-hell talk would rather rip out their hair than agree The Big Bang is the closest explanation we have to what truly happened when ‘Let there be light‘ and there was light happened. But surely, all esoteric talk with no practical explanation or application of it is all some mambo-jambo…

It is all guru talk and self-righteousness when we keep quoting the Good Samaritan and his love through service. It is practical when we remember to do some deep breathing just so we have a moment to exercise self-control each time someone pisses us off. This becomes love in action and not just theory.

But this is just it. In today’s society and the fast-paced world we find ourselves in, benediction to religiosity/irreligiosity has become the substitute for actual daily practice of these teachings. No amount of sacrifices made to atone for sins would have stopped the Israelites from sinning. However, the reminder to put some love on it does …as such, the Law did come to condemn. Condemn? Yes, every time Man abstains from a hurtful act simply because someone or something told them not to is evidence enough that they simply have no love in them. With love comes the Oh-So-Ancient Natural Laws that reside within the cores of all creations. In the case of Man, it is the heart that holds them.

On a highly unrelated matter, do we know that the heart beats in spite of the nervous system? While everything else in our bodies relies on electric impulses from the central nervous system to work, the heart simply beats of its own accord. Even its muscles differ largely from the rest of them. While doing what it does, the energy generated spreads out wider than our bodies. This is an electro-magnetic field, yes electro-magnetic because it uses electric impulses to beat and as long as there is electric activity there is magnetism. This is nothing new, even the Earth itself has an electro-magnetism field (north pole south pole thing). We are in constant interaction with Earth beyond just living, feeding, pillaging and raping her!

Now, it is rather hard to describe what spirituality really is …it’s one of those things that mean different things to different people. Yet one thing remains true, it translates to our day to day life and practices. All spiritualists end up changing their speech, feeding, clothing, living just to name a few. It is not madness, the aversion to meat and processed foods and the sudden need to organically grow food. It is not disillusionment to suddenly be of a gentle speech or preference for simple linen raiment. It is not sickness to suddenly want to be closer to nature and further removed from cities and the likes. It is an awakening, because one suddenly becomes aware of more to life than just what the modern man is obsessed with.

With the awakening comes a change in lifestyle that has nothing to do with church or religion. The changes are not taught but happen spontaneously. It ironically takes one choice to undo what took years of training, acclimatization and programming. It takes one moment in time to end it all: one moment to realize walking away from conflict feels way better than needing to be right. One moment to realize what’s truly important and what ‘seems’ important. And everything changes after this … See, kindness will matter more at the days’ end but the lack of excess sugars or bloating in the body surely does make choosing kindness easier. Humility is a great virtue and not worrying about how up-to-date today’s outfit is surely creates a conducive environment for this.

That’s just it! How the little things in our daily lives work to enhance or frustrate our efforts at becoming “the better Man”. With science and religion comes the chase for bigger than life events and existences. We chase answers we suppose are far removed from us. Yet all of the Universe keeps repeating this one thing: Life exists in many spectra yet all of them point back at Man. Mere Man and his civilizations, inventions, belief systems etc.

Just the other day, one of those easy days with little to no expectations, while preparing my son for school I found myself thinking how nice it would be if my days were spent giving my family the best of what it needs. It came from the heart this desire, something so simple and pure. At just that moment, the ego asked “Do you really have no ambitions!?” thus a train of thought followed. In it came the realization about how complex and complicated the world is, just how frustrating it truly is to be alive in this time. It took some time but it finally hit me! We chase after biggest thinking they show just how much more “in-touch with God” we are. Still, even when those in the society worked hard to be the no more than craftsman Man was more in touch with God than he is today.

This in touch is not marked by accumulation of physical goods or properties but by very internal and personal acquisition. A quality vs quantity affair. It is written, we shall know them by their fruits and these assayed fruits are: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control. It is not madness that the spiritual Man starts to change his way of life …it is very organic in fact. If he bears fruit of great physical magnitude, it is because he works to create heaven here on earth by how he treats himself and his fellow men. We get carried away from this important fact: its about my daily living!

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