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2 min readOct 30, 2020

My heart goes out, cries out rather, to the souls in coming into this world. Like lambs born, not into a park of wolves but rather in the wolves’ mouth itself.

Does it bother another, as it does me? The state of the human species?

It is always a fight, a war, one more reason why not or why to. Forget racism or gender wars, this has everyone labeled as anti-




Anti this and anti that, anti is the way to go. Anti ourselves, anti-truth, anti-self… what a place to be in!

Madness parades itself as trends and fashion. The lack of questions, normalization, silently described as being just how the world is. And it is how the world is, sadly

Normalize desensitization of these young souls, the world shouts out loud. Campaigns and programs rolled out just for this …one after another…clouded up in the fancies of progress.

How does this work really? Living in a world full of the most inhumane humans one may ever find out there, chasing after everything outside themselves…

…someone sold the agenda, their value is about what they have …

Aaand they bought it. We bought it.

Still, new souls roll in every day, bastards really often than not even in the beds of wedlock and chambers of lovers. The war pervades deep within, in to the very souls of those who sired them.

The division divides the Soul from the Spirit, the Soul from its body. Bodies of light now mired in darkness and steaming in barrels of loathing. Self-loathing.

sad, really, that not many remember to tell these souls …THIS IS NOT HOME, WE ARE SIMPLY PASING BY. Someday, we shall be back to whence we come from and there we must have something to show for this life.

No, cars and clothes do not count. They make life livable, that much comfortable, instilling passion into our lives yet they remain far removed to why we live.

We are the Stars themselves, shining in the vast darkness of the Void

Dear ones, you are here to find yourself and shine your light, that is what we take on with us. Our lights.



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