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Talks of dimensions have been a bound for as long as Man has been in existence. Dimension can be described as an aspect or feature of a situation. This is plain physical talk, so how does it apply to the spiritual?

The Esoteric and The Exoteric

Man inherently knows things. As the collective, Man has never been more removed from the Spirit. The few who are in touch seem to be overcompensating by diving deeper into the old books and scriptures. This however makes them subject to Pollyanna practices, none practice of what they preach. Even worst yet, opens them up to matters spiritual without discernment. This is dangerous.

Everything in existence, even the most abstract, begun in the Spirit and is therefore a Spirit. This means the beautiful and praiseworthy, the good and the admirable, the bad and the unrecommendable, the downright vile and the abominable. Everything is a living Spirit. That Man perceive something as being beyond the physical does not make it good. Just as much, that something is physical does not make it bad. We are physical while incarnate, this is part of the spiritual experience as Man.

The caution for Man is this, that he should not delve too much into any one thing. In him is the ability to give life and death, it is very possible for Man to give life to a death bringer. Death of the Soul and the Spirit.

Faith without action is dead, rather what one truly believes in will always manifest by way of his actions which includes words. The inside will always manifest outside, the outside must always match up with the inside. The ruling principal inside becomes the principle through which Man lives outside.

If everything is Spirit then everything within has a without, unseen has a seen. The matters of the Spirit indeed translate to matters of the Body. The inside and the outside are much the same. This is especially true for Man, and his Spirit-Soul. The Soul is made for this one matter, that it can traverse and travel through Spirit planes. Have them coexist within itself, contain them and translate them into Bodily function through the Mind.

Dimensions and Spirit Planes.

What we call dimensions are spirit planes, the spiritual blueprint being a principle aspect of the Universe. Every principal Spirit has a principle that has been woven into the fabric of the Universe. Life on Earth, the purpose of, is to experience. By being woven into the very fabric, there are things we all share in experience say the birth and death; joy and sadness; day and night; sea, land and sky etc. Then, there are those that are shared by handfuls like say gifts, talents and skills. The rest is left up to choice, whether to partake or not.

Everything is permissible but not all things are beneficial. Not all things edify.

The Mind is an interface between the emotional and the mental, both being one and the same thing experienced differently. A thought can create an emotion, an emotion can lead to a thought. Both are necessary for the full human experience, to be used as two halves of one but never to be separated. Both can be picked up or dropped at will.

The Mind is a communication device between the inside and the outside, able to pick up things from the external environment. Both chemicals and energies. This communication is turned into thought or emotions by the Mind, the language used by the Body. This way Man interacts with any dimension through the Mind. It is the Soul however that traverses the dimensions, able to move in and out even as the Mind translates the experience into thoughts and emotions.

Thoughts and emotions are capable of moving at incredible speeds, making the Soul able to enter and leave dimensions in milliseconds. Sometimes, dimension portals are closed and sometimes left open. Sometimes, other beings are in the dimension along with the Soul. It could be other Souls or other Spirits. Sometimes, not all of them are benevolent beings. This is a danger.

To Discern in The Dimensions

Sensitivity of the Spirit is by large the greatest tool Man ever had. Over time, Man lost sensitivity and gave himself over to sensuality. What a mess! In the wake of this change, Man cannot tell what nature a dimension or a Spirit has. In the general spiritual teaching of today, man seems to glorify all things not physical, all things spirit. Yet we must test every Spirit, to find whether they are from the Creator.

There are many things out there whose intention is the destruction of the human spirit. Man must understand that he is by creation and therefore nature a replica of the Creator. In essence Man derives energy straight from the source, pure and unrepressed. The very elixir of life is within Man himself. Yes, there are many things outside that can aid in the activation of the said elixir. Just as much many things that can deactivate it. Even more are demonic forces that lack a direct link to the Creator, they feed off of living things. Man is an all you can eat buffet in this case.

Think of thoughts as an array of portals presented to you, that you can choose which to go through. Whether to grow through. If you do choose to, then you have open yourself up to the dimension you have entered as the Soul communes with the energies of that dimension.

Man is asked to guard his heart for all things he does come from it. Take captive every thought that is not of the Creator. Especially this, for dimensions are entered and left by way of thoughts. Portals are opened and shut by way thoughts. Thoughts are powerful, able to manifest many things because after all through them Man navigates the Universe and its countless dimensions. Thoughts lead to Bodily emotions, feelings which do in turn affect actions. Actions lead to outcomes and consequences. This way, Man co-creates his experiences.

NOTE: Man must therefore live in constant judgement of his ways, his thoughts and what he does. Judgement in this case implies the use of discernment to know right and wrong, good and evil then choose accordingly. It applies to oneself, not another. In which case, judgement becomes an egocentric means to by-pass growth by bringing others down just to feel like the better Man.



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