Life happens between that point of birth and death: even these two are part of life, like markers in a long walk through existence as we know it.

Man tends to live afraid of death, and really who wouldn’t? it seems, after all the colors and tastes of living, death is just nothingness. An abyss of darkness and forever lying still. Many cultures have many tales and legends, beliefs and stories behind what lies on that side. The truth remains that while we are alive, we can never really know what death is. How death is.

So, instead of spending life trying to get away from this inevitability, we should embrace it then. Easier said than done. Why?

Man has another tendency, to not be present in the present but to live either in the past or in the future. He is either living in projections or expectations. But never truly here where his body, or hers, is. It just another ability of the mind, able to stretch beyond the constructs of time because we are eternal after all. And it knows. Yet the only time this ability is a power is when we are learning and understanding more because of the past and receiving insight or inspiration from the future. Either way, both become meaningful once applied in life. This, only capable, in the present life.

So, if the present is the best place to be in this life, shouldn’t we all just show up? In any case, we are in the present after all, what’s so hard about this?

The power of the mind is something we have never truly got to fathom; it does things beyond our own understanding. The need to put everything down on paper can make this a little to complicated. As is often the case, the simplest things are simply lived and trying to theorize it just makes a complexity out of it. The idea is simply be and stop trying to do. Never mind, we have been living in this said state for years now, so we must unlearn doing while relearning how be.

Within each and everyone of us is this being that cannot be touched. Every time one says “Me, myself and I”, we refer to this being. The mind however, having been born and mostly lived a very physical life, learn to associate itself with the body. And although we know, have even often enough times, have heard teachings that we are not this body, we still associate ourselves with it. This is the trap in itself. Because the mind learns to associate itself with the body, the loss of the body becomes such an imminent threat we simply will not, cannot even, begin to fathom it. Subconsciously, this though is ever present and therefore the present is just as unbearable.

Ok, now what?

Death is part of life, at the point of your conception so was your death conceived too. Like a countdown timer begun to work then and it’s leading to the “end” of this incarnation. So really, the secret to make the most out of these many many many days when the timer is still ticking is to literally make the most out of it. Enjoy, celebrate and make merry; be sad, cry and mourn; be bored, lost and wander; plan, work hard and work smart; get tired, feel exhausted and just lie down… just get the drift. Now, shift planes and thrift through.

Life is not a big problem in need of being solved, life is a long experience in need of being lived through. Just show up for yourself, in whatever mood or state you are in, simply be there for yourself as you go through that one specific experience. One step at a time… You live many times over; you only die once. Make the ride worth it before you do. Just be wise about it. Loving and compassionate too. It is not excuse to be a jerk or go about making regrettable decisions.




Free spirit. Fire heart. Genius mind. Self realize to self actualize. Visit

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Mumina Musings

Free spirit. Fire heart. Genius mind. Self realize to self actualize. Visit

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