we walk the same sets over and over again… its the knowledge we learn to apply in these repeat sets that make all the difference. Resilience matters most

Ok, lets lay this thing out …not the first time but turns out there are million ways to say the same old same old same old. This substitutes wisdom, when you’re able to apply the same piece of knowledge in an endless array of circumstances and possibilities. In a way, true wealth is about being able to see the endless potentials in one very simple and almost plain circumstance.

Now, it happens, seeing as there is no one possibility, that life has no one thing set in stone. Now, do not interpret this to mean that there are no inevitable in life …life is about experiences than it is what we want to assume is the definition of success in today’s world. Experience, is a term that can not fit into one proper mold …rather it implies the being present in a set of circumstances. They pass and come as time moves, keeping in mind that time has two facets. What we call he linear experience and the vast and mere space in which we exist. Both are time, and time is really nothing more that the record of energetic movement.

Thinking on it this way, then you know how past, present and future really do co-exist …simply that we experience them as sequential. It comes back down to experience.

Experience is the purpose behind life as we know it …EXPERIENCE. The passing of moments as we go through the sad and the happy, the up and the own, the wide and the narrow, the harvest and the sowing. The birth and the death.

If one thing is true, BIRTH AND DEATH are the ultimate. They are the two inevitable in life …how odd, that we get to experience the death and birth sequence over and over and over again until we get to die the final death …like we had the one birth, the ultimate birth that begun it all.

Life comes back to experiences and the many deaths and birth we meet before we truly die our last death. The way we are shaped and reshaped by circumstances. How we are either adequately prepared to do the dying and birthing process over and over again… or the very system was rigged for our quick demise upon the first death process.

We all awaken slowly from an illusion of wellbeing, fairytales and cotton candy clouds …almost alluding to the Adam and Eve out of Eden all over again. it’s the basic print living in today’s world, that we must live through this initial heartbreak and find the strength to keep breaking all the other illusions we hold. At the end of the day, this is the one true strength in life …resilience. Thus, the race is not for the swift or the battle for the strong, but victory is for those who endure. Greatness Requires Internal Strength!