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What is seen was made out of things unseen. Everyone agrees on this, both the scientific, the religious and the religious scientific. Yes, matter is made out of energy which cannot be destroyed but simply changes form. They feed one another, matter to stay in form then back into the flow of energy it dissolves.

The good old Sun, unnamed yellow dwarf star in our system, acts as the energetic recharger for Man’s physical existence. It does serve both physical and spiritual needs; it is however not a god to be worship. It is of service to this reality.


Everything in physical form begun as abstract, an idea. Think of an artist, how they imagine before they can act on it. They choose medium and ways to shape it: they cajole and coax until it is done. Until it is manifest, in physical and full of intricacies, details that only they could know or understand.

Man in this way was made to mirror the Creator and indeed find joy in being able to create. To think and philosophize, imagine and fantasize. Unlike the rest of incarnated life limited to the act of procreation, to Man this Earth is a playing field.

The Mind is able to wander into places unseen and unknown, because the Soul was made for this one thing. To traverse the vast Universe and its innumerable dimensions. From what Man manifests, the journeying of the Soul can be known. Nothing ever remains hidden, even the deepest of deeps.


A good Man out of the good treasures of his heart brings that which is good. An evil Man out of the evil treasures of his heart brings that which is evil. For from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Good and evil are pretty straight forward: good propagates, preserves and cultivates life and evil consumes, perverts and destroys life. Straight and plain. Life in this case is not just about incarnation, the Body. It about everything, seen and unseen. It is about the Spirit, the Soul, the Mind and the Body. They are never separate, granting access to one another. Like a house with many entrances, yet one and the same still.

The obsession with what is seen alone, the Body, is the greatest pervasion ever seen. It denies the basic truth, on which all the acts of Man are based, that what is physical begun as abstract, an idea, a thought. A plan. An act. And now, a physical form.

To think of life as being purely physical, all about the Body, reduced Man to a base creation. Even lower than the rest of the beasts I dare say. In this state, blinded by short sight, Man lives for basic needs and worse. Beasts do not find joy in some ills Man permits, like addictions and tortures. Murder. Sexual immorality.

Yet, these acts testify to the wanderings of Man’s collective, just how far strayed Man truly is.


The act of breastfeeding, often accompanied by snuggling and cuddling, eye staring, is endearing. It teaches the child that they are worthy, worthy of love, worthy of affection, worthy of adoration, worthy of time. They deserve to be here, incarnated, taking up space. They are supported.

As a woman, a mother, it is odd how showing affection is viewed as ‘spoiling’ an infant. In this stage of life, affection is all what a child needs to thrives.

Best case scenario: mother and child are inseparable until the child identifies as separate from the mother. Better case scenario: this is cut short, mother has to earn a living, but they and the care givers are affectionate to child. Okay scenario: mother is fully emotionally available yet tries to show up: the care giver is affectionate. Worse case scenario: the mother and care giver care less, probably overwhelmed and ill fit for parenting. Worst case scenario: the child is outright neglected and exposed to abuse of all kinds, sometimes from the parents and care givers.

The child learns about themselves in relation to their environment in utero. They learn how best to conduct themselves if they are to survive. Self-preservation is natural to all incarnate life forms. Suicide is a reaction to an extreme form of pervasion, be it physical or spiritual! In this sense, older generations teach younger generations proper behavior.

Man is not inherently evil, he learns it. Not all evil is consciously perpetrated, most have been normalized. The innocence of children is snatched while in the cradle. Moloch the baby eating deity thrives still.


The dimensions a Soul roams into can and do affect a Man. It takes extreme discipline, self-knowledge and strong anchorage to be unaffected. Man is an all you can eat energetic buffet. Perverted entities hunger for Man and his Soul-Spirit.

Now, imagine lacking all three: discipline, knowledge and anchor. Imagine roaming free through the dimensions, lacking knowledge or understanding of the Universe and how it works. Yes, Man suffers from lack of knowledge. Now imagine living like this all of your incarnation, thinking it is normal and okay. Imagine bringing in a child, an innocent Soul and highly impressionable Mind, into that ignorantly blissful mess.

How many dimensions and the abominable inhabitants have you exposed your child to? How many perverted entities have access to your child? Imagine never awakening from it, never getting out... Moloch, the child eater deity, has never been more active than in this day and age! In the shadows, hidden in the blissful ignorance.

Blessings and curses are passed down through learnt behaviors, psychological patterns. Through the Mind, doors are opened. Through acts, spiritual deals are made with entities. Through these deals, destruction is wrought in families. They are broken by the renewal of the Mind.

Generational patterns are created this way. Then continually passed down, until one arises who has the courage and strength to break these patterns and walk away from certain lifestyles. They have to acknowledge, understand, forgive: heal, unlearn, relearn. Seek something new. Speak something new.

NOTE: no entity can do generational cleansing and uphaul for Man, only the Creator. The Creator will not intervene without Man’s permission, no entity can: this is a Universal Law. If any entity claims that it can help or even undo generational patterns, beware! This is yet another consumer of Man seeking a way in. Man has to get up and do the hard and dirty work of generational cleansing by themself and for themself.



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