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There is a psychological side to everything in existence; not just what we see but the totality of the Universe. This is the measure for what is true and what is a fad, a sound psychological perspective.

First, what we call psychology is an interface created from chemical communication between cells and the neural networks in the body. The Nervous system and the Endocrine system.

Just about every organ is capable of secreting chemical communicators (hormones, neuron transmitters, etc.) and not just the major glands and the neurons. Yes, there is no such thing as a big boss in the body, everybody is a contributor!

See you, see me. Life is vast and varied yet it is able to recognize itself whichever way it comes. The Ego is the part of us that knows itself as a unique express of Life. However, beyond this Life recognizes Life. Consciousness is this recognition.

This particular interface exists for purposes of communication within the body, between organisms and with the environment. Living things respond to stimuli, in a nutshell. They are all chemical changes and the reactions to them. The body is a well-crafted container of chemical reactions after all. It is so well crafted that it is able to detect even the slightest changes in chemical and mechanical states.

Sensitivity. Of course, for it to work effectively, we have to be well in tune with the body. This Intune-ness is consciousness.

Stimulation and Response

Consciousness has degrees to it and with every degree comes a variance in the levels of sensitivity.

In the human experience, the lowest degree would be the unconscious. Ironically the most sensitive and least objective. Survival of self and the species is the agenda; the high degree of sensitivity is in respect to this. We do engage with this side on a daily basis, the things we do to live. Most of the involuntary aspects of the bodily function lie here. This means that much of humanity, whether we would like to admit it or not, exists in this spectrum.

Next comes the subconscious. Now, this one is interestingly vaster than we think. The subconscious not only sees all but records all. Consciousness takes on a personal stance and can therefore be subjective and/or objective. Complex emotions show up as well as self-centered pursuits and the idea of ownership. The ego is birthed. Due to self-centered interests, a sieve-like front is created. The front sieves out everything that does not serve the egoist interests and its direct concerns. They are deemed unimportant and therefore disregarded and discarded. There is no need for the ego’s attention down those paths.

The conscious is considered to be the highest degree of consciousness, though really is it? This aspect is birthed from the subconscious and ego. Having had most of the input sieved out, it is the least sensitive. The view of the conscious can be and is often highly subjective. It however houses the faculties of cognition; meaning it learns, associates and evaluates. If engaged with it can be decisive, observant, explorative and cultivate. It is all things considered intelligent other than its subjection to the ego.

The Big Enigma

Consciousness has been an enigma for quite a while now, dating back millennia. Consciousness can be defined as the awareness of existence. Although science does try to limit it to living things, it leaves much to be questioned.

Like what makes a rock a rock if not the awareness of being just a rock? Does consciousness have to be self-explorative for it to be conscious? Beings considered less intelligent have exhibited degrees of consciousness previously thought to be exclusive to humans. So, what is the different?

The human existence exhibits a different degree of consciousness altogether. A degree that allows consciousness -being aware of itself - to step out of its egoist stance and ask questions about its own self. As answers emerge during this self-exploration, the conscious Mind widens its horizon and scope. Both the unconscious and the subconscious are engulfed by it. The conscious Mind brings awareness to them, causing them to ‘awaken’ to themselves.

Remember, communications are both internal and external. The conscious Mind can expand externally to be aware of other consciousnesses and their respective processes. Super consciousness, maybe?

Fractals in a Fractal Universe

Philosophically speaking: God made Man in His own image, in His own image made He Man, male and female made He them.

The Universe has been crafted with such intentionality; this is the language it knows best. The precision is such that not one thing is out of place or time but just right. Man, and his self-importance, under certain influences happened …

A Fractal is part of a whole. Their mathematical aspects are so precise they look the same: both the part and the whole are identical because the patterns repeat. They are made up of the same thing in different quantities. No matter how small the pieces get, the same patterns keep repeating over and over again.

The original pattern is purity. Pristine is the term. A fractal can however be interfered with, distorting its pristine state and energetic flow. In this impurity, the fractal stops to be a fractal altogether. The energy flow is destroyed, and decay is inevitable.

The one thing that enables consciousness to exist is consciousness itself. Because we are part of a larger system, we are able to explore and expand our consciousness. In the system, everything works the same thus we can have communication beyond just the body. We found ourselves existing in the system, that’s just how things are.

The biggest foolishness Man has displayed is the self-important belief that we create the system. Yet existence is so vast and large that we are only just beginning to know what can be known. Whatever we create in this state is self-limiting, it remains subject to the ego. Instead of feeding the conscious Mind so it can go beyond, we keep ourselves entertained with toys and gizmos. Cutting us off from the main. Stagnating the energetic flow. Killing the fractal. Thus is the current state of existence we call the modern world.

Caution: there are many super-conscious beings, plenty we cannot see but do interact and communicate with. When our consciousness as Man is not securely planted in the Infinite/Main Consciousness i.e., God, it is subject to influence by these other beings. When influenced enough, erosion of the Man happens. Death of that consciousness/Soul that is Man is inevitable.



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