Begging for love is a strange idea, in thought that is, but how common it remains on ground is too real. This is in fact a habit we have probably learnt from your parents. And they learnt it from their own parents. So on and so forth. I do not think there is a bigger curse than this for Man.

The typical model for relationships we show our children is the begging of love: the I-am-better-therefore-worship-me sort where we remain beggars and others deserve all the love. Sad.

I learn many things from others with different paths. I have learnt to respect the way of life that one chooses. In that same way I need my own respected. There is a lot to be learnt in the Scriptures. I am born Christian; the Bible was always an interest even then. I found joy in overusing this book, its stories were many and they were weird, all the better. By the time of my writing this, I have gone through it so many times, though I do admit reluctance in the passing time to open it again. Then I stumbled upon yoga, explored Islam and read through the Quran, found the Bhagavad Gita and am currently embarking on the Veda. I like my Seeking, for even science is a dear one to me.

Somehow when I asked to be shown God, it was in Mother Nature. Say starring at the massive Lake Victoria rock back and forth gently, reflecting back the clear moon. Warm, drafty and chill… suddenly I Am aware of a force so massive that held all this together. Came up with it, maintain and eventually destroy all things in existence.

That’s all I can say about that.

So, you can imagine the there-is-God-no-God disagreement is null and Void. Fine, if you choose to indulge but quite obviously, if Consciousness keeps you, an out of odds Being in presence then there must be another Consciousness that holds together the odd chance of our Universe existing. Respect Nature please …

Now, many people want This for many things. We just seem to relate each to this Consciousness in our own sort of way. Overt attraction, sometimes even Unhealthy, to this Being. Then on the other corner, those who have overt repulsion, even Unhealthy. The other corner (Oh yeah, they are Four Corners always yeah?), downright we really don’t-care-about-That! Then finally, those who choose to be more concerned with themselves, impulses and down right degenerates stand. Reminds me of the Four Beasts of Daniel.

Four Cardinal Points, Corners of the World, Races, Blood Types so on …

Whatever way it goes, we have each learnt to embark on a sort of journey/tag with this Being we perceive as God. Now, those who went in active search of God have found many ways to Him, I suppose. Each with a different quest, need or whatever and somehow this Consciousness was found some way. Each documented it, their mundane lives with a totality of incredible life stories, changes and propound impact in today’s world. Hurrah! to the Fallen Angel who taught Man how to write, served a Purpose after all.

Life in reality is not Black and White: Grey you have just lost desire to live. Life is Colorful and thriving in so many ways. They are Beautiful, I must say, when I do sit down and think of Nature. It’s almost a boasting of sorts at just what She can do. And what a Mind that Dreams It All Up! In all my searching I found It everywhere I looked. Solved a Lot of unnecessary turmoil and all.

Then I looked back at my Self and wondered about my own self? Perhaps even I had abandoned myself a while, forgot what I really Am and can actually do. Really and Actually. Realize and Actualize. We make up this big fuss over all these things and forget it was only ever about US and our Own Existence.



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