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Man chose to eat of The Fruit. What fruit? Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Okay, so what does this really mean?

The idea behind life is experience, it is all about experience and how it changes Man.

What Does It Matter?

It is established that the Mind is an interface, where different dimensions meet. Dimensions are not some fairy-tale lands Man gets to enter when they have achieved some great feat. They are energetic vibrations and frequencies which endow Man with an ability to do one thing or another. They are in every sense of the word Principles, each with rules of engagement: each with a ruler in heavenly places.

Man, in his creation, has the power to traverse these said dimensions and their frequencies. The reason: value addition. The ability to co-create: to take a simple creation and do more with it. From the scientific to the artistic. All this sets Man apart from the rest of the Creation: Man can, will and does mimic the Creator in this sense.

The Giving of Life

Guard your heart, from which all issues of life spring. The Heart is an electromagnetic mechanism, powering the movement of life giving breathe and allowing the Soul-Spirit to remain incarnated. The very act generates a force field, similar to yet larger than that of the Brain. In the interaction of the two force fields, the Mind is generated.

In the physiological perspective, the Mind is made up of the mental and the emotional interface. Mental is loosely related to the brain functions, the wiring and firing of neural pathways. Emotional is loosely related to the rest of the bodily functions, chemical actions and communication of the cells. Note, they are however not exclusive.

In this sense, psychology and philosophy merge to define a Man. How he chooses (or not) to be, why he chooses it and what he does because of it. Now, psychology in this case refers to the behavioral traits, their emotional inspirations included. Philosophy refers to logics and reasoning behind beliefs, their emotional inspirations included.

The act of creation, whichever form it takes, is an act of breathing life into a form. It involves giving away part of oneself: like the giving of DNA for procreation. For this reason, creations tend to be referred to as babies.

Having this in mind, it is quite possible to know what inspires a Man. It is first what he is doing, next how he is doing it and why he is doing it. The first is rather obvious, in the context of good and bad. The next is in their state, their Beingness based on degree of self-awareness. Third is the intentionality, what is he seeking to gain out of it. This is a matter of right and wrong, righteous or evil.

Fruit Thereof…

The Soul is able to traverse through the many different dimensions. By way of choice, it chooses what to partake of. The process may begin from the what or the why. A Man aware of himself will take time to question and introspect, only acting when both what he is doing and why he is doing are aligned. For a righteous Man, if the why is questionable he shall not. If the what is wanting, then he shall find another way. This requires being conscious to oneself and the Principles of the dimensions he wishes to traverse.

It is however possible, and prevalent, that a Man lack self-awareness. Having lacked the willingness to self-reflect and inspect, he does not hold knowledge of himself. If he does not know himself then how will he know dimensions and Principles? Yet it is natural of Man to desire to create by way of action, so he will create. Of what nature will his actions and creation be?

First, like himself, they will lack true intentionality. This is the pillar of a Man’s identity, a true north as he travels his incarnation. Second, what he does will change as he lacks character, a moral compass. Who is he, he cannot answer. Third, the reasons for what he does must never be questioned, can never be questioned, since they are self-serving and invariably correct to him. Two things remain a matter in this case.

First, lacking knowledge means that he will be engaging blindly. Whatever consequences his actions bring forth are inevitable, but can he reconcile himself as being the source of the inevitable when it occurs? Maybe he shall, he will know better and will do better. Or maybe not, then he will live thinking of himself as victim to an unforgiving God and cruel Universe.

The other matter shall be his lack of self-awareness as he traverses the dimensions. Man is equal to a highly charged power source due to his likeness and proximity to the Creator. He is a highly envied to some entities who relentlessly pursue Man to corrupt, consume and destroy. He is bound to fall prey to them, maybe even unwilfully attract them. Woe be him.

The Two Trees

It is for this reason that Man must be able to tame his Mind and therefore Body. That he must master himself and grow in his self-awareness, grow his character and establish his values.

Is it possible to engage with these dimensions and their Principles in such a manner that grows the Soul-Spirit? Yes! But what does it take? A Man with understanding and wisdom, who does things with intentionality and foresight. A Man who will not do without questioning what he is doing and why he is doing it, taking time to establish his course of action as being right.

The Tree of Life is a heavily guarded gem in life, accessible only to those who do earn it. Yet, it is earned not by mere actions of good but a steady growth towards righteousness that is enabled by way of the Creator’s Spirit. It is achievable, by way of what Man engages in.

Righteousness is a choice, which once engaged, converts the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil into that of the Tree of Life. How? His actions cultivate a rightful Spirit, grow and nurture the godly Soul. He shall not engage in any action that attracts ill-intentioned forces. Nor shall he set into action a sequence that will lead to destruction. Out of experience, he learns. Out of what he learns, he pursues experiences of purity.

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