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From dust is Man made. To dust will Man return. The fleeting days are few in between yet it feels like a lifetime, because it is, while Man walks his numbered days on earth.

In these few days, are assigned the fullness of a lifetime. Days seem to be getting shorter for Man over the years. One oddity to be observed, is how over the years children born are of a higher capability. The spiritual community refers to them as rainbow or crystal or indigo children. Somehow, they are special and separate from the rest. Is it really the case?

Layers on Layers

The very nature of Man is complex, it however does not remove him from the rest of creation. The workings of the Universe apply more so to Man. Now, Man is made from dust. The rather obvious implication is the fact that he is carbon based. The not so obvious is the fact that he is all atoms in an intricate chemical dance.

In and out, in and out they move. Light congealing itself into dense matter. Before he is matter, he is energy: before physical, spiritual. He is subject to two different experiences and set of laws. Yet somehow in Man, they coexist… as it has always been.

Man must feed while he is incarnate. This places him in the pyramid of food, of which he is the apex predator. In the dance between predator and prey, there are differentiated characteristics which do serve a very precise reason. For one, prey will generally outnumber the predator in multiples. However, more than one predator will prey on a species. Man exists in the billions.

Also, prey is born far from helpless, jumping into a run right out of their mother’s wombs. Predator are born helpless and highly dependent on their mothers, and community, to survive. Later they become fearsome hunters.

Over the years more of the so-called crystal children are born. They appear bigger, smarter and quicker than the previous generations. Wow, how wonderful! Or is it? What necessitates they be born this way? Why now?

Changing Times

Evolution, not the Darwinian kind but the spiritual one, is the reason to life. Man, a Spirited Soul, must undergo change until his Soul has attained maturity. In essence this is the clear knowledge between good and bad, the understanding of what is right and what is wrong and the wisdom to apply good and bad in right and evil scenarios.

Although good vs bad may sound similar to right vs wrong, they are not. A thin line separates the two. What is good may be wrong just as much what is bad maybe right. Evil describes the use of both good and bad for ill motives. Wisdom is needed to know right from evil. Righteous, choosing right from evil in any situation.

Do no harm has been sold recently in the stead of righteousness. Yes, the idea that Man can follow their heart and do what they will as long as they cause no harm to fellow Man. What of themselves? It is possible to destroy oneself? Yes. Does this count? Seems not. Does it matter? Yes!

At the Apex

For the longest Man has enjoyed being at the top of the food chain. A false sense of security has enveloped, forgetting that life is very much spiritual. The physical is the densest and most gross form to life: being at the top is equivalent to a baby mastering to crawl. Beyond, Man is a highly sort after prey …for their nature.

The Spirit-Soul of Man is a direct reflection of the Creator, the closest thing. The nature of relationship between Man and the Creator is unique, able to directly relate and therefore exchange energy in the spirit. This makes Man a super charged being, when actively engaged in this relationship. Still, Man is more charged spiritually than any other being.

In Man do all other factors of life meet and conglomerate. They dance in and out of Man, Man dances in and out with them at will. This way, Man has dominion over everything. If a Man be aware of his godly nature, he is a force to be reckoned with. The devilish and demonic, the fallen and false deities be damned if Man awaken to this nature. First, they must feed. Second, how be it a being made of lesser matter be above them?

All through history and mythology are littered stories and tales of how the fallen and false deities, with their progeny, looked down on men. Often downright hated man, formed enmity for the pettiest of reason, enjoyed wreaking havoc and destroying Man. The Modern Man has forgotten these times, pushed them into the back of their mind as being tales even though plenty of historical evidence exists. Just as much, the Creator shares a similar fate with all these deities. It does not take away from the fact that life is spiritual.

So, On The Superkids …

Each passing generation takes on the characteristics of the prey. As if knowing something intrinsically, something scary and hard to accept but there all the same. As if preparing for this thing, unnamed, but there all the same.

Looking at the current state of affairs in the world, no not the economic though it factors in, things are not dandy. Far from it. Physical, mental and emotional dis-ease are at a steady rise. Violence is a way of life, self-inflicted and other afflicted. Man is getting poisoned at every opportunity, self-poisoning honestly, and it is of every kind.

Is Man the apex predator or the ultimate prey?

More, these super kids seem to be getting born with odd defects, auto immune disorders and neuro divergent. Yeah, they are smart and super but something about the current state of worldly affairs upsets them at the very core. Never mind that doctors seem to be waiting with doses of pills, injections and all. The streets are waiting with drugs, alcohol, sex and other addictions. The general is waiting with guns, bullying and suicides.

The fallen are waiting to be worshipped or at least lead astray. The demonic need to be fed. And no one seems to be wanting to hear about the Creator anymore, of whom Man is an image. Where else can Man get to understand himself than from the designer and creator?

Note: Surya, the sun god, taught the sister sciences yoga and ayurveda to Man millennia ago. So thorough are these sciences in understanding the human body and how it functions, there is no secret hidden. Even the unknown or misunderstood can be unfolded in moments through observation by anyone who knows and understands these two, yoga and ayurveda. Thing is, this sun god is a fallen, a false deity who has existed in many cultures by different names. A most common name is Ra, Helios, Sol among others. Now, is it so hard to imagine that such a thorough study of Man can and is being used against the Modern Man? In Man the Physical is very much Chemical. Chemical disruption equals mental and emotional disruptions. Equals psychological, equals Soul equal Spiritual disruption. Yes, the Modern Man is very much living in danger!



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