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Early on in this journey I awakened to the fact that there is a difference between what you know and what you realized: in that one you read or heard from some place and another you lived through.

See no evil, Hear no evil, Do no evil. The knowledge you hold must turn into things you do …otherwise we remain knowledgeable fools.

Although seeming the same, these two have huge and very different effects… especially in this day and age of information where knowing is most important. Hold on to that fact…

Now, water is the biggest building block in this our universe. Emphasis on OUR, seeing as reality is made up of ALL our psychological activity. Psychology, in this case, refers to the mental-emotional interface and the behavior created from it. Water holds memory! 75% of ourselves and our planet is water, moving around in cycles in and out of different places and states. Thus, this water, holds the totality of our experiences up until now.

Our human bodies are 75–72% water. 68–72% of this water is cellular, meaning, it is retained in the cells. Cells store memory, this is how. When we live through an experience, and how we translate that said experience, is stored in the cells. The brain goes through its own thing of processing this bit, that’s another day’s though.

The human Mind, yet to be fully understood, is an interface of the Spirit-Soul and the Body. On this realm, the Mind is generated and contained by the Nervous system through which we feel and navigate the 3D. The idea is to use this interface to build and grow as opposed to getting distracted and entrapped because of it.

The experience is subjective. In that, what is happening outside of us, we respond to by a range of cellular activity that is modulated by emission of neurotransmitters. This way, the nervous system participates in what the rest of the body is doing. Through the nervous system, the mind (where the soul and body meet) experiences life… of course so does the ego. And every time we have an AHA moment in the midst of a said experience, the wholeness of yourself learns from it. This is a soul-building experience.

What we read or hear, is simply stored in the lobes as opposed to having the whole body partake in the experience. Bringing into perspective, this is how Pollyanna spiritually woke people are created. They know but do they practice?

Curiosity, education itself, are all good things. However, are they right?

Is it enough to reiterate or should one apply what they know?

The objective to life is wisdom, I dare say. Why the Universe is so concerned with experience, is wisdom from which we grow and expand. Wisdom is applied, on the day-to-day life because it is practiced. From practice and observation can theory be derived. Theory is what we hear and read, yet for it to matter we must apply these theories. If what I know cannot be of relevance to me, then so be it… that’s another man’s meat. What is mine? Do I consume of this said meat or do I just know of its existence?

The destination of humanity has many, countless paths …each must bear his cross, walk their path. Find your own, and just walk …just keep walking.



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