Rather be Spirituality attained than Critically acclaimed; Application now within Supplication now to Him…Substance over hype, the work was the best it could have been. Keep moving!

Life does happen in stages, one day you are here and the next you are somewhere else. Someone else.

You rise and you fall, in moments on the film of life. You grow and you retrograde. And within this, is life… through this you are carried away in life.

So yeah, look for no other Secret, than the grace riding these waves. It is all within us, the Power to do just about anything. In us.

See, this is Life and Life does happen in stages. Everything neatly tucks into another, streams leading to the ocean converging into mighty waters of rivers.

There shall be rising and falling, depth and shallowness, rapid ways and slow winding days. Not once do we deny the river for changing currents, we simply agree to its creeping ceaseless motion. And this, this in its totality, is Life.