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What happens when compartmentalizing stops you from seeing the larger picture? The wellness of Man is one of those things affected by the need to compartmentalize.

The human body in its fullness is a well-oiled engine. Not machine but engine: his full existence is the machine. A machine is efficient when it actualizes the intention for its creation. When it serves its purpose.

The reason for any Man’s existence lies in his Spirit. All things in existence have a Spirit, a basic blueprint, holding detail on how and why it exists. The Spirit knows why and therefore how, from this is the human body shaped and molded. The how, in the physical body, is called DNA.


The whale and all its blubber, a cheetah and its lithe muscle. The otter and his fur, the owl and its huge eyes. The talons, the paws; the fins, the hoofs. Streamlined or musculature. Prowess or cunning. On and on and on …Man and his overgrown brains.

Everything in existence has its proper place, purpose, and is created to fit into the proper with ease. To complete what it is here to do, designed for. The Body and its design tell the how, the what and the why.

DNA is highly intricate and detailed, holding coding for all things living (scientifically at least). It holds data for physical information as well as the psychological. Things down to temperament are detailed in the DNA. The ease Man has dealing with emotions to preferences in tastes for food, music or clothing to their nature of dreams, even their poop business. DNA details the totality of the human body, a body fit just for itself and by itself.


Both as a matter of fact!

Yes, phenotype and genotype. Genotype being the totality of possible traits, inherited from parents. Phenotype being the traits that actually got expressed. Constant interaction with the environment enables changes in phenotypes.

Skinny can and does get plump, lean can and does get muscular. Light skin can and does get tanned, curly can get straight. Tall may suffer stunted growth. Get the drift? Changes can get made based on the environment one is born into.

What of the psychological?


The body and mind are in essence one and the same, the Body giving rise to the Mind and the Mind driving the Body. The Mind is an interface, enabling the carbon-based Body to interact with the rest of existence. It is multilingual, not in the sense of spoken language but rather energetic language. Speaking chemical and electrical which are basic carbon languages and also light, sound, heat, mechanical, magnetic and spiritual among others.

The Mind alters itself, sometimes permanently, to survive its environment all based on the nature of language. Unlike the limited egoic thinking that assumes spoken language is the prime, the Mind picks all forms of energetic transmissions and interlinks them into one broad picture. Nothing escapes the Mind: anything, somethings and often everything escapes the ego.

The Mind changes the Body, switches on and off bits of DNA, for survival sakes. Both are slowly molded, so that even temperaments are changed. Cool headed and levelheaded blow gaskets, hot heads are broken. This is most prevalent in today’s society, with a lifestyle far removed from nature and what is natural. With a society far removed from purity, of Mind and of Body.

Health is the proximity one has to their pristine state. This includes the mental, emotional and spiritual. If the Body is a well-oiled engine, the totality of Man the machine, then there cannot be a separated illness. If one thing is unwell, then the whole of Man is unwell. An illness, often times, can and will have its source in other parts. A mental issue could be linked to diet, a physical illness linked to an emotional matter. So on and so forth.

To fulfill purpose, Man needs to be in a pristine state or at least as close as he can get. Without any external interference, the Mind, Body and Soul as a unit know what to do. It has been hardwired into them through DNA, the carbonic blueprint of the Spirit. It is ridiculously easy to soil Man, beyond just the spiritual. The Body is a well-crafted container for chemical reactions, so precise are these reactions that even quality of light affects them. Yikes!

NOTE: emphasis on the ever sought after human Spirit-Soul. It goes without saying that since Man is a unit, one can access any part of him via another. One can reach the Spirit via the Soul, Mind or Body. Man in present day suffers insensitivity, meaning he lacks ease of access to his Spirit. And therefore, faculties available by the Spirit. Dietary intake plays a huge factor to this, as well as entertainment in the sense of music and movies. In this state, Man can and does get manipulated especially in the spiritual sense. And all for the ever-prized Spirit-Soul.



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