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Everything is intentional with Man. It has nothing to do with how much, or not, self-aware anyone is. If they thought it up, pursued it and worked it, then that is intention. Can the intention be short sighted? Yes! Lacking sight altogether? Yes! Fact still remains, it was done because it was thought upon and there, that is intention.

Is It Mental?

Mental implies at the process of thinking something up: yes, it is. Man tends to assume that it must be seen for it to exist. If no one can spy on my thoughts, they do not exist. Yet, our brains have been made in such a way that they are energy receptors and emitters. The thoughts were not spied on but broadcast. There is nothing hidden in this universe, it is what it is.

The Human Mind fluctuates countless of times, from this to that. With levels of consciousness there are thoughts Man is unaware of, like a story never visited. Waves of energy some sent out, others received.

Basic biology tells us that the Nervous System, of which the brain is a hub, works by way of electric pulses. Thousands, if not millions, sent out across the body in a matter of milliseconds. Being largely water, the human cells are excellent conductors of electricity. Plus, sodium and potassium go a long way in aiding.

Basic physics, an electric current generates a magnetic field. So, thousands and millions of electric signatures in the nervous system means that we are essentially blasting out a magnetic field. Man is a walking electro-magnetic body. Walking, talking, breathing, eating, sleeping, growing, reproducing electro-magnetic body.

Beams of Light

The Universe is all energy: energy in one form or another, congealed or free flowing. Even in the congealed state, such as Man, energy in free flow moves in and out to maintain form. Or decay happens. Such as in the case of weathering in rocks and decomposition of dead organic matter.

It is not just the physical that needs to be fed, but the nonphysical too. In Man this includes the psychological. The intangible Mind is generated and sustained by the brain. Anything that interferes with the nervous system interferes with the Mind as well. The Mind plays a pivotal role in Man; being neither here nor there, it rides the fence. The Mind is neither physical nor nonphysical but both! It is Spirit just as much as it is Body, affected and effective both ways. A gateway in the totality of Man.

It has to be this way, since energy in congealed form is relatively slow. It would take up such time for anything to reach Man if it had to change into matter first. But the Mind, able to receive energetic impulses, works in milliseconds. Receive, interpret, respond. On and on and on. Never have to think on it, the Mind already did.


Everything is energy before it is matter, spirit before physical. Every one of the billions upon billions of things in existence is unique. In the Unseen, every Spirit is distinct. In the Seen, the make-up varies from thing to thing.

No two rain showers are quite alike, although they are both rains. No two clouds are the same, although they are both evaporated waters mixed with atmospheric particles. No two rivers, lakes, seas or oceans. No two mountains, hills or valleys. No two planets, comets, asteroids, stars. Trees, bushes, shrubs, grass. Sheeps, camels, cats, sharks, flamingoes, bats. No, not even twins.

All these have very precise energetic signature. They recognize one another, because well energy is energy is energy. Spirit is spirit is spirit. Matter aside. Any flare ups in the energetic signature are picked up and understood by the rest. Flare ups such as thoughts or strong emotions.

On the physical side, chemical reactions took place. On the psychological, feelings were felt. On the energetic, electromagnetics was emitted. On the Spiritual, a change was experienced. It all ties in. Sometimes, the process is reverse. From the Spiritual, to the energetic, to the psychological to the physical.

The exchange process, communication rather, is ever present. That the egoist Mind is unable to decipher let alone detect it does not nullify its presence.

It Is All One

A certain teaching pervades all ancient spiritual paths: separation. In this case, the idea of being separate is egoist. Coined up by the ego, for purposes of individuality albeit slightly askew. Individuality is an essential part of existence. Our mere existence implies at it: from unique Spirit to differentiated Man.

Behind every creation is a truth that nothing else can replicate, a purpose only they can fulfill. Destiny is grandiose in its nature, not gloriously egoic but grandiose in the sense that it is able to touch thousands, if not millions, of lives when lived out with intention.

What is different is purpose. The why behind the what; dictating how, where and when. What is the need for this Man? The answer informs the design, when and where. This however does not take away from the prototype. Man begun as Spirit, which was then incarnated in Body. The Body is carbon based and therefore functions in a certain manner. The Body generated the Mind, which is the physiological component of the Soul. All of them are the Spirit, incarnated.

Man, the individual, exists as a drop in the ocean. He is part of something larger than himself, not away or removed from it, but deeply enthralled. If separation were to happen, he would die. Removal, then he would be nonexistent altogether. Separation as stated above is not something new, it has been documented for millennia now in the case of Fallen Angels. Ancient deities, who have admitted in their stories of a higher place and a Supreme Being larger than them. Who have admitted of needing Man to worship them least they should cease to exist. History says it all, these are not just myths and legends.

NOTE: The act of worship is an odd thing, a voluntary subjection of the worshipper to the power and whims of the worshipped. It includes a tapping into each other, the worshipper and the worshipped. It is an energetic exchange that takes place or it should be. The higher fills up the lower, the lower gives forth from itself. In the case of deities, the lower gives forth from itself and receives nothing in return. In the case of the demonic, the lower gives forth and is filled up by vile and defiled. Whichever the case, Man is a meal.



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