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What profits a Man that he should gain the whole world but lose his Soul?

Well, yes; no question has captured the fickle nature of life better than this. It matters most in today’s society; we have forgotten the essence of life, chasing after frugality. The seeking of meaning at a high, the pain caused by emptiness even higher. The need to intoxicate, as opposed to healing. What is at stake is the very essence of humanity, that which sets us apart from the rest, the Human Soul.

The Trifecta

Throughout creation, a triad seems to replicate itself. Man, being part of the fractal universe, is no different. And so, Man is made up of three in perfect union: Body, Mind and Spirit. Yes, there is a Soul in this mix, we’ll get to it.

There can be no separation of the Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body, like varying degrees of the intensity, as the energy is stepped down and congealed from the Spirit to the Body.

Like a coin, with two distinct sides yet one and the same, so is the Body and the Spirit. The Spirit is the blueprint of all things in existence, bearing very clear and precise instructions. Yes, all things do have a Spirit and are therefore very much alive even though appearing abstract or inanimate. When it comes time for one’s incarnation, the sperm and ovum needed meet and the DNA comes online. The Spirit then goes on to activate the very precise DNA codes that will sustain its incarnation. The Body is created.

The Body is made just for the Spirit, a very specific and unique relationship, and by the Spirit. The Body is very much an extension of the Spirit. This is why, although made possible, transplanted organs are rejected and require medication… the organ is foreign and does not function on the same Spirit spectrum.

Even as the Body is made, rather grown in the womb, so is the Soul. Coming online at the same pace as the Body. The Soul preexists the Body, but it is of utmost importance to the human experience that it matures, changes and grows along with the Body. The Body is an intricate part of the spiritual experience that is life.

Soul and Mind

The two are intertwined by nature, maybe even the same. In the sense that the Spirit and Body are one, the Soul and Mind are one. The Spirit-Soul on one side and the Body-Mind on the flip. Of them all, the Spirit is eternal and never changing in nature but the Soul, Mind and Body change over time, evolving from state to state.

From helpless to efficacy; dependent to independent; innocence to experienced. Even then, it never ends. There is a plethora of things seen and lived through. Sometimes even what we call opposites co-exist, as if to remind Man that there is no definite in this Universe.

No clear lines, no distinctions and of course Man will forever remain powerless to a degree because we are part of the Creation, not the ultimate Creator. Humility. This is the essence of human existence, experience.

Like a tree by the river, so is the Soul of Man in the vast Universe.

The Soul is shaped up through these experiences, most importantly, through choice.

Right vs Wrong and Good vs Evil

The Mind controls the Body by way of the nervous and endocrine systems. The Soul and Mind have effect on one another. The Mind is able to traverse the physical and the seen, the Soul is able to traverse the spiritual and the unseen. Together they do form formidable team, such that nothing can be restrained of Man that is imagined by him.

There is one catch to all this, the idea of choice: all things are acceptable but not all are beneficial. This is due to the nature of the Soul.

Let's talk about Soul.

The Soul are like the lands adjacent to a river. The river being the diverse Spirits in the vast Universe. The Mind is the keeper that tends to the lands. Many things flow by the river, and by nature many things will get deposited on the banks. Some good and some bad, some full of life and other destroyers. As keeper of the ground, it is the Mind’s duty to check what wanders, keep the good and get rid of the bad. Actively seek out that which nourishes the grounds and remove the destroyers. Plant right seeds and weed out the bad.

Let it not be forgotten that the Mind and the Soul are part of the one Spirit. An independence of nature does not imply difference, it is up to Man to create and cultivate interdependence of these factions. They were made to be and act as one.

The Mind is therefore the portal through which we traverse the vast Universe. The Soul is the traveler, able to pick up anything and cultivate it. By way of the Mind, the Body partakes of what the Soul chooses to cultivate. Through them all, the Spirit is reached to, is enriched or devoured and vice versa reach, enrich or devour the Mind, Body and Soul via the Spirit.

All of them are the Spirit after all, in different forms. The Soul is the identity of the Spirit in the vast Universe. When it is all said and done, it comes back to the Soul. Everything Man chooses to do or be, puts the Soul at stake: either to win or lose, it is the grand prize.

Note: the act of worship is the giving over of the Soul to any one thing. It is possible to speak words of praise to one thing and have worship of another. It is the intention behind what Man does that determines what we worship: it is what we do that determines the mode of worship. Whatever Man worships, he gives access to his Spirit to. Access such that they can conduct an exchange of energy: either to feed or to be fed. It can therefore be said that the act of worship is an act of spiritual feeding.



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