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If purpose is built into the design, what can we learn looking at Man? What sets him apart? A huge, massive brain; a brain that allows different degrees of awareness.
Does the rest of creation have awareness, is cognizance even? Yes, very much. It takes a massive amount of self-cognition for there to be order that exists in this universe. A self-awareness that builds itself, builds into itself while building itself up.

Building Blocks

Everything is made up of light, science and religion agree this much. Let there be! There was light! And light, in a complexity Man is still struggling to understand, entered an intricate dance with itself. Now there is the Universe as we know it. What science refers to as Nature, is an agglomerate of this dance Light performs.

At the far end of the building process, lies Man. An animal, a mammal, a primate… In the Image, in the likeness.


All creatures were breathed into, a life-giving breath. Not just Man. Thus, all creatures, even plants, breathe. However, Man has this one thing different. He above all else is a mini creator. Mini because Man adds value, he takes what already exists and does with it. For mere pleasure Man creates. It gives Man great joy. Art, music, clothes, dance, stories, houses …cars, machines, software. On and on and on it goes.

Because Man has a huge brain, a huge and massive organ full of folds. More neurons fit; more neuron pathways formed. Cognition took a new turn, beyond just knowing self and how to survive. Man could study and learn, not just survive but thrive. And make it enjoyable at that!


In the Genesis creation story, Adam was asked to name everything and give use for it. What he named it, used it for, has remained the same to date. Though Man goes on with his technical journey into modernity, somethings still remain the same.

Clay for pottery, wool for warm clothes, mangoes for sweet freshness. Cane for sugars, salt for taste, sun to dry. Cows for milk and farming, camel for the long trek, horse for the run, donkey for the burden, chicken for the eggs and just because, fish for food. Neem for all, aloe for the burns, calendula for the salve, age for a cleanse, tea tree for the scratch. Somethings just never change, no matter how much everything else does.

What of the energetic? Man has been able to harvest energy and do things with it. Electricity and magnetic to power, chemicals for the fires and heat, transmit sounds and pictures, tame the untamable atomic energy… on and on and on.

It gives Man great joy doing all this. Purpose is derived from being able to take this much and make more out of it. To tear apart and rebuild, to combine and shift. This is what Man was made for!

Seen and Unseen

Everything in existence begun as Spirit, the build and its blueprint. More like the blueprint and its build. Spirit, energy if you must, can never be destroyed. Simply changes form, therefore the Unseen will outlive its Seen form. It just is what it is.

Man is able to work with these things in the physical, his Spirit has dominion over the rest. The Soul of Man and therefore his Mind, is a traveler of the Unseen universe. Able to enter and leave dimensions at will. In these said dimension does the Spirit-Soul reach agreement with other Spirits and design is created.

Inspiration, or curiosity in the least, sends his Soul and Mind wandering. Out of desire is a design formulated. In the creation process, the Spirits meet and commune. In this communion, the Spirit-Soul of Man is the team leader. Good things, beautiful things, are birthed. Bad things, ugly things, are birthed.

The Seen, the Unseen… what we do and why we do it, will always manifest in the how we do it. In the Doing of it. The Seen, the Unseen cannot be removed from one another but always move together. The Fruit tells it all.

Beyond just purpose, and because of it, Man has choice. The choice is rather subtle in its nature, not about what man does but why he does it. The why can be life giving, life restoring and life honoring. It can just as easily be self-serving, self-exalting, self-centered. It can life consuming, life perverting, life destroying. If the reason why is not the life-giving kind, better not to. If it be self-serving, best find a sustainable way.

NOTE: In recent times, Man has allowed himself to be seeded thoughts from dark places. Inspiration of a dark nature. Pervasions of the Mind, the Soul and therefore the rot, defecation and death of the Spirit. The Spirit-Soul of Man, made in the image and likeness of the Creator, is an all-coveted energy source. Vampirism has been in existence for as long as Man has existed.



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