2020 had us staring up blank walls like “ What the…!?”

Needless to say, this whole Rona/2020 affair has lasted its stay and has had opportunity to make a mark and what a mark! Sadly, it feels like the whole thing begun some point in the second half of 2019 when things seemed to go stale. No movement, just stagnant energies through and through. I myself barely had any care for living let alone thriving. Yet thriving is what I want, what we all want.

Of course, I do stand to be corrected…

The new year is here and barely shaken off the energies though there is stirring a new. Should I state, posting self-concerned articles is a bummer, they sound rather narcissist from any one stand point but here I am. If you have kept up with my writings, you’ll find I have quite a thing for self-awareness and consciousness and the children we bring forth into the world.

Hint: I’m like one of those misfit/misunderstood loner indigo kids born with gifts that no one around, not even themselves, knew what to do with let alone what they were. It all changed. With the birth of my son came the birth of self-awareness and thus the cultivation of self-consciousness. Said kid turns seven this year, awesome kid and so does the journey I’m on. Like everything science, it’s just a bunch of fancy statements and smart theories till it is relatable. So, with spirituality, it’s all fancy statements till it’s made practical. This is very much a psycho-spiritual medium.

This whole 2020 thing has had us looking at life from new angles, sort of enforced angles so to say. Many have been doing it for decades even, this whole #staywoke affair has deep truth to it. We all just had to see though some still insist not to. By the time the year was done, for me, there was a deep-set exhaust for things I had stood and even sat with that could no longer be tolerated. It still is here. Now, the new year stands to be a repeat version of the many previous ones leading to 2020 but I now know many new things. Many have been learnt along the way as we got to 2020, like a winding climax in a gigantic orchestra, then the writer suddenly stopped.

Yes, the Writer did stop! A dramatic silence whose echoes we hear and have heard all along but we don’t know what they are. Yet we …know.

Anyway, the whole big calling in life (and there have been millions over millennia!) leads down this one point in human history.

So, my calling and what I perceive it be is of utmost importance to be pursued. This I have to conclude from life so far: my own, through my experience (Truth), my perception, my recollection and endeavors. Everyone matters and in fact counts. This is far from reality and we all see it. Every day I wake up, from the moment I realize myself to the last I breathe, life seems to have become a matter of trying to prove that I matter and count. Like a huge hierarchy of self-importance whose role is never assured. In this huge archrivalry with whatever, I have the right to lose my self-esteem, confidence, worth and security as long as I prove myself better than.

The truth is one can only be better than they had been. This applies to the whole species of Mankind. There is nowhere left for us to move towards than a better version of myself. I review history not to blame game but rather to know what not to do. I work to apply lessons learnt just so the end result is of better quality. The next generation ought to know better to be better -monkey see, monkey do sort of affair- that is why I try. Why do you yourself? Why does anyone try unless they feel they are pursuing a worthy cause?

I stop to live when I stop to out grow myself

2020 had within it a renewal of sorts.



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