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4 min readSep 14, 2023

Intimacy is found in simplicity. INTIMACY CAN BE AND IS FOUND IN SIMPLICITY.

But first, highlight: Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality...

Note, this one phrase was coined centuries ago, when Romans were the ruling party of the day. Yet it has never been more relevant now than ever yet…

Let’s define some terms. Sensitivity is the degree of detecting and responding to slight changes, signals or influences. Sensuality is the enjoyment and pursuit of physical, especially sexual pleasure. Although sounding synonymous, they are not the same. It's a the-devil-is-in-the-detail thing. The difference is a matter of intimacy.

Note that there can be no intimacy without deep knowledge of and familiarity with…

It is a human need, to know and to be known. To be acknowledged and accepted. To be seen and see. As we are, for what we are. With appreciation and gratitude. At some point in time, when Man lived his most authentic life, this was not an issue. You gave what you were, lived your truth and truth had a place in the greater group. It was appreciated, even expected.

We learn the art of masking quite young, when we feel we need it to survive. The result is that we live looking out into the world, sometimes partially or maybe fully covered. The mask becomes a chasm separating us from the world, an emptiness that once kept us safe but now imprisons us. The loneliness kills the Soul, even when not alone we are ever alone. Intimacy becomes the Forbidden Treasure.

In a way, value is now placed on what we can get from a person than on the person themselves. This has made it harder for Man to simply be himself. Instead, there’s the need to act in a certain manner. Acceptance comes only when we are packaged in a certain manner. In return, the essence of our beings is shunned and tacked up.

Then what?

Resentment and bitterness, the feelings show up. Depression and personality disorders, the mental dysregulation abound. As we seek to be seen, what shows up first is the psychological dysregulation. But the Soul is still deeply shadowed, covered up. We ourselves do not know our own selves. Yet, the need to see and be seen remains.

Give me give more, give me give me. Sensuality consumes the Soul until there is no room for anything more. It takes over the Soul and kills all connection it has to the Spirit. Then it goes on to override all reason then drowns the Soul, the Body. Empty shells are what’s left. And whole load of addictions.

In such moments, one seeks intensity. As our psychological faculties are dulled from years of neglect, the five basic senses remain. These are ever active unless injury or natural loss occurs. So, we work ever harder to please these, chasing thrill and overriding the nervous system with external stimuli. The hyper sexualized society of today is the end result.

More sensual stimulation, yet ever lonelier. Unseen. Unaccepted. Unacknowledged.

Keep chasing, yet ever emptier. Bitter. Angry. Resentful. Sad.

Intimacy can be and is found in simplicity. Shedding off the layers we use to shield and protect ourselves, we can be seen. We have to allow others to see. It takes a journey to find, heal ourselves and recover lost bits.


I see you see me: you see me see you. Intimacy.

The joy of intimacy is intimacy itself, to be able to share yourself with another. To be together in a shared space and place in time. It is a most beautiful feeling. Even better that this person you choose to build with and share the beauty of life together. There is something irrevocably orgasmic in this process that cannot and will not be found in anything else.

Word of caution. Trust your Self only with another who has embarked on this journey themselves. They know the value of the choice you made. Innocence is invaluable and priceless, especially in this age when it is stolen in the crib. Trust it only with another who understands its value, who have chosen to recover their own and will return the trust.

Of course, the easy way out looks like more thrill, more stunts, more more more… We move further away from the basic idea of intimacy and replace it with thrill. A roller coaster of emotions and hormones, just to feel. Then the cocktail runs out and back to emptiness, nothingness. Those feelings of despair and hopelessness, unworthiness and inadequacy. Mistrust.

Intimacy can be and is found in simplicity. Taking it off, first for yourself and then for another. The baring of all things, in the wholeness and fullness. And it begins with your own self.



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