Nobody screams POWER! better than this one personal hero of mine Samurai Jack! This anime character beat endless odds, to the point of losing and even giving up on his own self, before gaining his quest. TENACITY! keeps him going

So, this is it …Nothing good comes easy!

This is not me trying to raining in on your parade but rather stating something of fact. Hard work does not always translate to physical difficulty, it has everything to do with your willingness to go that extra mile that others wouldn’t. To set yourself apart, not wait for others to do it for you …

By fact, this is what I meant by nothing good comes easy.

The true value of something is learnt while one mines for it …the true value of any one thing is learnt as you push yourself towards it. No, it is not about sacrifice and the likes, rather the willingness to keep pushing. To find within your own self that one thing whose largesse measures up to what you are seeking outside of yourself.

In this sense, what your are looking for has always been within you… is searching for you as well, from the inside out.

There is really never a point to prove, not to anyone lese other than our own selves. The joy of driving a car or owning a house and that successful business is that YOU dared to go for it and actually got there. Beyond or less than this, comes what we call “taking it for granted”! Such a folly.

More important than intellectual intelligence, comes emotional intelligence. In fact there can be no separation of the two …wisdom is where IQ meets EQ. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can gain wisdom for it is written into the fabric of existence. To survive existence without being worn out, one requires TENACITY, ENDURANCE! The ability to keep moving against all odds, to keep getting up countless times, to keep on and on and on and on… rebellion with a cause.

Now, the value of something is understood every time you lay down beat and defeated but the thought of letting that one thing is unbearable. So unbearable that you have to push back up again …and again… and again.

Yes, it requires a hardened spirit …not heart per se, just spirit. A hardened Heart/soul is trapped in a hell of its own …a hardened Spirit will stop at nothing but its own heaven, of its own making!

Don’t get me wrong, many other character values are needed to complete the equation, whichever these are vary from goal to goal and person to person. But the ability to keep one self going, pushing, sets the winner apart from the rest. This has nothing to do with luck or belief or whatever else out there, time and time again it has been proven that endurance will always come out at the top.

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