Until science learns to make itself into an art, many of the things just discovered will forever be beyond us. To know is not the same as to understand: knowledge requires experience to be complete.

This Universe is all energy, in many forms and under many forces. The idea is to concentrate and focus energy enough to make physical appearance. That’s manifesting!

That in mind, wormholes are scientifically described as holes in the fabric of the universe allowing passage from one dimension to another. These they are. They can be very physical (extra personal) in deed but as of now we shall speak on them as intrapersonal. Emotions and feelings are the doorways to internal wormholes. The difference between a terrible experience and an incredible one is how we felt at the moment.

Now, the idea is to learn how to shift our own emotions. But how?

Feelings and emotions remain to be nothing more than chemicals released in the blood. Being as such, they do have target organs and tissue, thus we experience our emotions in specific parts of the body. For instance, anxiety is the butterflies in our tummies, fear is a coldness all over the body, joy a release in the chest area and disappointment a literal heart ache. They have very physical effects that can be felt and noted.

So, lets get down to it. How do I learn to shift emotions?

1. Identify the energy in motion: having stated they are chemicals with target organs and tissue, learn what part of you responds to the said chemical. Learn to listen to the body, unlike thoughts which require neuron pathway mapping, emotions are felt in the body tissue. Map these out. You’ll need patience.

2. Identify the trigger: they all begin with a very mental trigger. It could be words spoken or things seen or memory had that stimulate the release of the said chemical. Learn the nature of triggers and how they affect you. These is often an automatic response and will require focus and awareness. Over time, you get to learn from observation.

3. Play around with these: having identified the energy in motion and the triggers, next is to learn how to trigger yourself. When feeling some type of way, having taken time to sit with the said emotion just to really know what and why, pull up a trigger to bring up a different emotion. Triggering yourself also teaches you how to handle external triggers. It is of utmost importance in self-mastery to know your triggers and how to respond to them.

4. Yeah, I know, easier said than done therefore PRACTICE! You definitely need to practice this, like anything truly good and enjoyable, it takes time and dedication.

In time, you learn to stay in what I call neutral emotional position. The pendulum could swing either way but it comes back down to rest in center. So yeah, the dimension you really want to stay in is rest. With rest comes grace. Note, rest as used here is not the absence of work but rather a tension-free state of mind and body. In the spiritual community, they tend to call it ‘state of flow’ …things appear to come easier than usual. They don’t, you just use the energy needed for that specific thing and what you would have used on worry, fear and doomed fore-shadowing is stored and reserved for other practical uses.

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