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Man, modern or not, is a coming together of many scientific and spiritual laws. A completion of something beyond the basic: evolution itself lives in Man. Well, not the Darwinian kind. In fact, he was wrong, scientifically so: branching off of a species does not occur but rather replacement happens.

So many kinds of creatures, all of them creations. Yet Man stands out, acts out.

Of Man and evolution, Man is a complex creature. This has to do with the number of infinite possibilities that Man can experience, beyond just survival. For instance, Man eats because he must, but he will not just consume nuts. Everything else simply eats the nuts, raw and straight of the tree. Man roasts them, fries them, purees them even bakes them into confectionaries. This is Man.

Possibilities And Encounters

It is the purpose that Man roasts and purees his nuts. Take something in coexistence and make another out of it. Yet it goes beyond just the nuts, it has to do with his basic physiological and psychological components. Making more out of himself is the evolutionary process itself.

Man is reproduced, feeds, respires, excretes, moves, stimulates and is stimulated then dies. In between the birthing and feedings, he learns. Out of curiosity he goes beyond the limits of survival and interacts with his environment. Just because he can, not from necessity.

In his moving about he stops to smell the flowers and wonder at the dog shaped cloud. He taps into electricity and jumps into the ocean. He eats a mango and wonders why not all orange-colored fruit taste the same, why even mangoes themselves do not taste the same! He makes a kite to transmit lightning just to prove a point and makes microscopes just to understand why the fruit is orange.

The very nature of Man is bothered to know, to understand and digest. He is bothered at the difference in colors while birds simply enjoy the many colors. He wants to know why it falls down while the monkey simply jumps into the fall waiting to catch itself. He wants to know just how deep while the fish merry in the vastness of the waters. This has driven Man to do all he could ever imagine.

The Design and The Purpose

Man is made up of interlinked layers; they cannot be removed from but feed into one another. These layers hold very distinct but interdependent purposes, all add up to make Man. On a gross scale, Man is Spirit with a Soul, Mind and Body. Under the scopes, it is a fine detailed fine-tuned affair.

Body, Energy, Thought, Feeling, Soul all of the Spirit. The Body is the most gross, most dense. Taking time to be formed in the womb, grow and reach maturity, scientifically marked by ability to reproduce healthy offspring. Carbon based, it is driven by and sustained by other carbon-based features, food. Internally, even as many parts move, chemical reactions take place and from this is an energy produced. Respiration is the term.

Owing to the very precise nature of the physical Body, the energy Body is very unique. Yes, the processes are all the same on the prototypical level but because of DNA, genetics control cellular activity. There are multitudes of enzymes available biogenetically. However, the cocktail of enzymes in a body is very concise and irreplicable. Enters antibodies and antigens! With enzymatic activity, the resultant energy pattern is very particular to every Man.

Every thought produces an emotional component: one experienced in the brain and the other felt all through the body. The whole of Man takes part in his Mind and its activities as a holistic experience.

From cellular activity is the Mind derived. The Mind is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Matter and energy. In essence a transducer, able to translate all energies into body lingo. The Mind comprises of the mental and the emotional. Think and feel. Though distinct, the two are rather the twos of a coin, both a result of the nervous and endocrine systems. Working together, working interdependently.

The totality of a Man’s experiences through life makes up his Soul. Rather, the Soul is built by way of his experiences. Every decision made whether independently or not, apply. Every feeling. Every thought. Every desire. Every pursuit. Every circumstance leading to or fed by all the above. Before this, the Soul is born an infant just as the Body is. A possibility, budding in the Spirit and the Energetic but living through the Body.

All this, the very base and gross Body building up to the very fine and light Soul, all of them are the Spirit in incarnation.

Many in One

The purpose of design behind the components can be observed in the nature of Man. The main objective is the continuous refinement of the Soul, the evolution of the Spirit. They do feed into one another, able to change and affect every other component through the other.

The layers are still part of a whole, they add up into one even though teach layer has its own values, characters and particular job to complete. They are all still one clear picture.

There is no such thing as waste in this Universe, there is reason for everything in existence the end of which comes death. Even in death, the energies dissipate to serve in other. The multi layered nature serves an objective. How often does the whole of Man align to something? Want something? Believe in something?

Conviction. This is conviction, in this case referring to a deeply held belief in right principles. Godly principles. The Spirit putting in a word concerning the mental or the emotional or the Body itself. And the Spirit, by its very essence, is pure and seeks purity. Least it gets bogged down.

Note: Keep in mind that not every Spirit still exists in its purity and pristine state. There are compromised Spirit, even of Man, who chose other gains at the expense of their Spirit-Soul. They chose to use their existence and gifts, abilities, for the agenda of vile Spirits. These, often than not, serve up fellow Men as a dish for the fallen. In exchange for whatever they desire. Still, they led fellow men to their slaughters, serving them up as the most coveted energetic and spiritual meal that they are to the fallen.



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