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There has been a generally accepted idea that life is a game. And to a degree it is, not by the nature of its creation but by the works of Man… …Influenced works of Man… …Compromised works of Man.

The Original

The nature of existence is that everything needed for incarnation is provided. In fact, incarnation works to maintain itself; everything in incarnation contributes to the whole one way or another.

A general rule of existence is movement, the absence of which is decay. So even in physical form, energy moves constantly in varying degrees and ways.

Energy is always weaving in and out of forms, giving and receiving. To be incarnate is to be conscious, to a lesser degree but conscious all the same. Almost as if to move in the physical limits just how much you can move and do in the nonphysical. The Body is a limitation, a boxing in of the vastness of energy, congealed into a finite form.

Incarnation is maintained by the consumption of energy in one form or another and the return of the excess. Eat, digest, excrete. Eat, digest, excrete. Eat, digest, excrete…

Reflections in Reflections

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. That which is bound on earth is bound in the heavens, that which is bound in the heavens is bound on earth. Whatever is in the physical begun as nonphysical. Because of the infinite nature of the nonphysical, it has more force… power… therefore sway on the physical.

Life-giving light pours out of the Creator and is pure glory. This glory is all freely given. It does not necessitate that Man worships for there to be flow, the glory just flows.

The physical feeds, the nonphysical feeds. The idea of worship is based on this, that even in the unseen there is an exchange of energy taking place. The gradient of flow is determined by the concentration, thus the more powerful fills up the lesser. So, it flows. As the sun shines and there is growth, so the glory of the Creator flows and there is life.

And if life, then there is anti-life.

The Influence

The unnatural is something bound to be experienced in existence. The unnatural in this case refers to anything that attempts to work against the ordained system. Everything has its proper place, purpose and therefore designed mode of operation. Stepping out creates an imbalance, remaining imbalanced creates a disconnect and a disconnect leads to death. Anti-life.

There is death of the physical, the material, the Body. Then there is death of the Spirit and Soul, existential death from which there is no return. While there be no flow of glory into the nonphysical, there can be no life. To avoid this existential death there had to be energetic vampirism, a spiritual preying and Man is the main course.

While Man still existed in his most pristine state, it would be impossible to prey on him. Man needed to fall into a lesser state. The Soul -interacts with beings, and the Mind -travels dimensions, had to be swayed. Man lost sensitivity and gave himself over to sensuality; Man forgot he was spiritual and begun to live as physical. Man has been made to believe that all he sees is all there is. A vile state.

Man lives for the seven deadly sin: lust, anger and vengeance, jealousy, envy, greed and gluttony, sloth and pride. Each and every one of these opens Man up to influences beyond him, through which they too can prey on fellow Man.

Yet, who do they feed through this process?

The Influencers

There are tales of sky men who came down to earth. All powerful being, capable of great feats, who really never needed anything of Man. In fact, they viewed men as lesser, deplorable, to be overlooked and overseen at the best. Used, misused or abused in the worst. Ironically, they reviled Man but necessitated their worship. Demanded that they be worship by Man.

Many names, many cultures but ever the same. In a very toxic relationship, they existed amongst Man. First in the physical then as personifications turned myths that are coming back to life.

In their worship Man needed to defile himself to satisfy them. From prostitution to feed gods and goddesses of fertility, passion and therefore lust. To gory wars and killing to feed gods and goddesses of war. Energetic manipulation and witchcraft to feed greed and fed by envy and jealousy. The need to overlook others, see others as lesser, because of pride much like Zeus, Thor… So on, so on

The Compromised

Much of the modern life is based on these same principles. Things that control the actions of Man, that Man emulate, continue to feed the same powers and principalities in high places. The twist is that now these deities are hidden behind the veils of myths, old and gone …fairytales and imaginations.

Everything in existence is sentient. The very building blocks of the universe have consciousness that dictates what, how and why do it. The nature of creation has consciousness built into it. Man, the modern Man at least, has turned away from this innate consciousness and understanding. His actions are no longer spirit generated or soul inspired.

Rather they are dictated by forces he is not aware of …

The effect is very true and powerful. Modern Man is lost, reduced to the least. Capable of more but living as an emptiness chasing after winds.

There is no game. Yet as long as Man lives as he does today, the game exists in the reality. The rules do not exist either. The forces that created the idea of a game are not followers of any rule themselves. There can be no winner other than themselves, this is why.

There is however a law, belonging to no game. Just existence. The law is one, able to be translated into infinite possibilities. The law is pro-life, and everything, even nature itself lives by this. Whatever brings joy, whatever supports peace, whatever is kind and that which is good; that is the law.

NOTE: The one commandment has always been love. All of nature lives by this, however cruel it may seem sometimes in the case of survival. Even then, predators take nothing more than they need to live. Man kills for the pleasure of it. The law becomes a command when it becomes obvious that Man will go against what is innate and natural to him. The command was not made to tie Man down but rather to prevent him from having to live the consequences of breaching the law.



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