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There is deep, and immense, power to being intentional. Nothing new to this statement, especially if you have been on a spiritual journey (or hullabaloo) for a while now.

An action performed consciously, with awareness and on purpose makes all the difference in our lives. The whole idea of having a mission to life, does not come to fruition without intentionality on our side. Spirituality, and all its paths and practices, is solely based on being intentional.

I dare say hullabaloo because of how out-there some of these teachings sound. This, I have come to learn, is a very intentional aspect to the teachings …a sure bet way of locking out the jokers from the treasure. You must have the desire to truly know and understand for the knowledge to unlock itself. Otherwise, the hullabaloo is good enough.

The unlock, in and of itself, is not about how well you can quote and requote scripture/sayings/findings but rather how much of this knowledge you have encountered in real life…

And Integrated

Here the out-there and barely comprehensible teachings change form: from the esoteric and into the exoteric. From the spiritual and into the psychological. In fact, these polarities are never separated from one another. Spiritual pride-and bypassing- are rooted in the assumption that the esoteric is far removed from the exoteric… that the spiritual is far above the material psycho-anatomical.

Spiritually maturing vs Pollyanna Practice

Being ungrounded, has little to do with not having your feet on the ground. This is the inability to effectively move through and operate in your own life. You simply live too much in your own thoughts and feelings (subtle body) than in the gross body which is your vehicle in the material world. Like a flag, you follow where the winds go and lack an identity, in the material and the immaterial as well.

It is not enough to simply just know and quote, teachings or research. Yes, it does feel good and all but still… it all must translate to behavioral change. The organic kind!

To know is the basis of all things, after all. To know where and when these things apply is the next step Finally comes in the actual how-to. This is the most important part of it all. There are those who never know but simply apply the how-to and it makes all the difference. These we called the wise men; with them came the ability to infer from their own observations and experiences. Thus, scriptures were written, philosophy created, and science born.

If these teachings, sayings and studies sound out-there, it is that we must find ways to translate that are personally applicable to our own lives. That means that there is no straight and forward one-fits-all way to this.

Intentionality; The Standardizer

One thing is true, for a standard must exists, love. Not affection, but love. Not a doing but a being. Not a feeling but a choice. Not an emotion but a state of existence. Love, without which all is just but a sounding gong.

And we shall now them by their fruit, which is love.



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