Although Time is a very solid and continuous construct, we Man experience it as progressive moments. How about we just get lost in these moments as they pass… nothing lasts forever but memories do. Make them worthwhile

There are certain, powerful experiences, that you would never really know about until you find yourself having them. They’re not definite listed down experiences, all experiences have the ability to be powerful. We just have to learn how. But first, let us back track to simple beliefs I the author hold. Need to say, these beliefs have evolved from simple “this is what I was told” to even simpler statements with complex reasons. Best to say, seasons change:

ü Life comes back down to moments:

The best approach to take in life (as per my perspectives) is that of moments. Here in Kenya we have a Swahili saying haba na haba hujaza kibaba. Literally means small things add up to make the big thing.

ü It is never that serious:

I mean, just how much more pressure does one need in life, living in today’s time is more than enough pressure as it is. Look at the tension we exist in and learn to make play out of everything.

ü Learn to operate from the Inner Child:

In support of statement 2, the kingdom of heaven is for the child-like …not childish, child-like. It is they who remember the purity and innocence of life, get in touch with this part of yourself and get shocked at just how easy life suddenly seems to get.

ü I get to choose how and what:

Literally take back your personal power, learn to be accountable for your own self, accept responsibility for how your actions affect others and then live! Break life down to moments, experiences in a day-to-day basis then give your all to these said moments.

These 4 above statements are not the totality of my faith and its experiences, they however dictate the way I carry myself on a day-to-day basis. They can be equated to the lubrication of my established system: they get to determine the nature of interactions. Remember the world does not revolve around you but your experience of the world does. The nature of this experience is within your control.

Now, back to the basics, there are experiences one has and the entire ground shifts from beneath their feet. Sometimes, they are small changes but others are massive shock waves. Motherhood and true love are among these massive shock waves kind. Yoga and healing therapy are among the subtle kind. Motherhood and yoga have been the biggest contributors to these my life changes.

They are called powerful because of the impact they have on you. These impacts cannot truly be shared, maybe by description, but you wake up one day and you are not the person you thought yourself to be. We live waiting for some cape-covered, underpants-on-the-outside super hero to come make everything change but we forget the power we ourselves have to make life just that much tolerable or even dare I say enjoyable, sated, pleasurable.

We have been taught as a culture to chase after things. Things in this case included the material and the immaterial: from peoples, to clothes or cars, titles or achievements, events and such like. Every day seem to have been lost in tomorrow, waiting for this or that to arrive so everything about life can never be the same. Is it obvious how the 4 above statements of belief apply now?

It is not so much about the event or achievement than it is the self-mastery we learn training for this one victory. It is not about the relationship with said persons than it is the self-sacrifice paired with self-expression we learn relating with others. It is not about the luxury afforded than the dedication, courage and strength it took to earn them. It is not about the fame but the nature and quality of leadership learned as we got to the limelight.

The idea is to get so lost in the very ordinary and mundane moments we forget to wear any of our masks and facades. Just that!

Breaking life down to moments keeps us from getting overwhelmed, allows us to throw ourselves fully into this stage of life. In any case, having chosen for yourself what you want and how to get there, give yourself the joy of playing through these things that lead up to the destination. The journey to can be a gift or a curse based on how you approach life, so yeah, it is never that serious. Laugh a little, let your hair down and be fully present for whatever life presents to you at the moment.

When it is all said and done, you get to carry the memories with you whenever and wherever you go. Make them worthwhile is all I’m trying to say and watch the seemingly plain slowly transform both you and itself into magical realms. An Alice down the rabbit hole moment.