There is something scary to awakening…

But, awakening to what really? This whole thing tends to and does seem a little vague, explains the seeming skepticism that many approach the awakening thing with. See, Man is and will always remain to be a powerful being but long gone are those days. Many things have changed and with these changes came the erosion of the True Man.

Even in this day and age, though some are beginning to be realize we are more than Man has ever thought himself to be, we have a long way to go before we can fully embody our True Form. Still, we try and it is this trying, this need and realization that we cannot escape the desire to try that we call awakening.

Now, with awakening comes this scary realization: I Am powerful. It is a good thing but a bad thing as well, as is often the case with a strength not mastered, it becomes a weakness. In us is the power to create and this is the very power.

To assume that Brokenness exists outside of one self is a larger form of blindness. WE do learn and adapt to the brokenness so prevalent around us, we eventually become this brokenness, even go ahead to pass it on…Begin with the Man in the Mirror.

The assumption that now you know you can wield this power with goodness simply because you now know its there is the spiritual by-passing. I think of ancients who had less pollution, distortion, distractions still went years of dedicated lifestyle to even get begun …at first, one thinks, “I don’t need all that!!”

Of course, it goes a long way to show just how little you know. After a while of research and some life changes, you keep falling back into the old and sometimes even more vicious sides of you emerge. Then you realize just how slippery this road truly is …then does the journey truly commence.

It is a Fool’s Journey after all, understandable… thought those one hurts and even abuses till getting there do not think the same. Pride doesn’t seem to walk too far behind from the Trying Man, in fact many have been blinded to their true nature by this very pride. I myself fall here too.

To believe we are worthy of Love is the onset of healing and true change, prior to this we simply seek to justify ourselves in simple doctrines. Only then do we dare look the brokenness in us and learn to identify with more than just this… otherwise we keep fooling ourselves.

The helplessness and despair that comes upon falling due to this pride is crippling to say the least. The shame clothes you through and through. Should you not catch yourself, you just may never truly awaken, get up again and keep moving. Seems like the main ingredient to live is AUDACITY.

Audacity to think there is more, you are more.

Audacity to believe there is more, you are more.

Audacity to try reach the more, be more.

Audacity to get up and move towards more, being more, every time it seems impossible.

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