Things fall apart. This is a title to a book, telling of a man who lived in Western Africa as the Europeans actively set into colonization. The point where they stopped playing pretend and the fangs came out, yeah. So this man, born into the pre-colonial African way of life struggles with the changes he sees coming on. And he resists it, with all that he has. But change is here and there is nothing much that he can do about it. He opts for death: well, he did see the danger that lurked for the future generations while most others just didn’t.

And things are falling apart.

Well, the story may not be as tragic as this man’s but still we can no more hide our heads in the sand and pretend we can no longer hear the tolling bells. Like a wake up call …or, war alarms, depending on one’s perspective.

Look online and the stories have been there for a while ow, most of the 2010’s were occupied by different people telling different stories about the same prophecies: things are changing. WE are prepared for the change or are hung up about what we thought was paradise. Shitty paradise should anyone ask me.

But, we have been waiting and asking and nagging the heavens for long enough. Here we are, finally!, though a long way to go still.

Parallel worlds, Explored probabilities, Endless Possibilities. Only Eternity is big enough to contain the endlessness of Infinity.

I don’t know much about the whole parallel universes and how many propose they work. But, I am in this one universe. Or better yet, my presence is contained in this physical dimension existing in this one universe. Whatever other possibilities are playing out, I can only intuit them. Now, at any one point in my life, I get to choose and with every one choice I make, certain possibilities are cut out completely while other new ones open. So on and so forth, like a mapwork of probabilities with a red line drawing out the chosen path.

At point like this, it becomes obvious that there is no defined future. Maybe a set out come, but they way to the set outcome is up to our choosing. The bets of humanity, will and shall, come forth. We could take the long and treacherous path; the bloody annihilation and doomsday path; the harps and kumbayas path; flying cars and teleportation paths; communes and fellowships paths … get the drift. We get to choose.

In essence we are astronaut traversing through the Space-Time. Anything goes and we get to choose just what part of the Verse we explore; we get to choose. The journey is endless and limitless, any limitations exist in our conditioned thoughts. And these manifest. Beyond which, we are incredible Creators in this Simulator called Space-Time.

History has led us to this one point in time where we must choose what next. One way or another, we have explored all these paths. Just look back through time and see. Now, we get to choose what we would rather be our way to the heaven we keep talking about. Whichever way, everything around us is preparing for the hyperdrive that just around the corner: even the new born seem to be carrying a secret the adults around them can’t tell. Getting born smarter, quicker, sharper than any previous generations. Something is up and everyone is in on the secret apart from MAN.


Anyway, that’s what's about. To endings and beginnings, lessons and adaptations. To evolution. I’ll drink to that.



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