Mumina Musings
2 min readOct 13, 2023

And then days like these happen, when you must resist the urge to know what lies ahead and sit. Simply sit, with yourself and with the uncertainty.

The in betweens needn’t be scary places, it is all a matter of perspective. To lose what you do is not to lose what you be: you true essence cannot be taken away, maybe given up, given away but never taken away.

As the shuffling must happen, the shaking must be deep. Should you try to stand up, you will be thrown off. Should you attempt to move, the unsteady ground will floor you.

So sit and be still. Be still and know. Know and be at peace. These too shall pass, as all things do.

In the meantime, save your strength and renew your resilience. Remember the days of courage and build your identity in power. All that you need, has been provided you.

Forget not the lessons and mourn what is passing away. Grieve the loss and celebrate the wins. Gather yourself together and pick up the morsels of wisdom left. You still have much to do.

If there be renewal in life, the liminal must exist. Like winter of seasons change, the psyche needs time to reset itself. Be still in such times, actually enjoy the quiet.

So, when the bells toll and the alarms blare, fall not into panic nor despair. You have been prepared for this; you are ready to deal. Then and only then, get up out of the liminal for the time is come for you.

Move strong, mountain steady. Move sure, ocean secure. Move courageous, lightning power. But forget not, this too shall pass, and you must return to the liminal again. To die, to shed, to mourn. To recharge, to restrengthen, to relearn the next version of you.



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