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Social conditioning, the process through which a child is made familiar with the ways of his people, has over time become the source of weakness and spiritual death. We no longer question the ways of civilisation but rather blindly follow and expect our children to do so. It kills them , their spirit and therefore source of eternal Life.

The System, a contemporary term for Babylon, is more active than it has ever been. For those who have no idea what this is, let us walk down history. The Tower of Babel is a rather short story mentioned in Genesis which is what most are familiar with. However, history recorded in many ancient civilizations speak on it.

Now, it begins with the birth of a certain Nimrod who was a mighty hunter before God in those days. This Nimrod was born to Cush, born to Ham who was Noah’s son. The very same Noah who survived the mighty floods with his 3 sons and their spouses. Nimrod went forth to establish his kingdom with Babel. He established Erech, Accad, Calneh, Asshur, Nineveh, Rehoboth, Calah and Resen. 9 cities in total, some of which are spoken of till much later. He begins his kingdom with Babel which translates to Confusion. It is this very Babel in which the tower of Babel is built and it is this very tower where the people begin to speak many different languages.

I must mention that Cush, Nimrod’s father, is brothers with Mizraim from whom the Egyptian descend. By this point, the Fallen Angels have already been amongst men and taught what they knew. Also, the Nephilim have been walking the earth a while now. The Nephilim cannot be fully understood unless one goes into the history of Babylon. These are not mortal men nor are, they the Fallen Angel who later on become deities that Man worship. Their presence however influences the outcome of the world till date. Yes, there was a time when Man interacted with the Spirit Beings at ease… around this time does the LORD take away his own spirit from among Man.

It is the lifestyle in Babel that has been adapted by the rest of the world today. It is this lifestyle that is spread and enforced unto humanity in the name of civilization. Building onto the past article, it is the way of life of the modern man that numbs and deactivates our children as Spirit. The life of a modern man is void of meaning and purpose, often pursuing things for the sake of materialism than anything else. The tale of confusion is still being actively told, with every child born and fully adapted to this way of life participating in the tale. The cost of course is death to the Soul and starvation of the spirit. Remember that everything in existence is a spirit thus the only way to have lasting anything is by possessing it in the spirit.

The world of today is far removed from the Spirit, making it a kingdom in darkness although not of darkness. A weak spirit is a corruptible spirit and sad to say, some of us become pure darkness by simply existing in this world. The harshness and coldness are prepared to devour and destroy our children even prior to birth. The ways of a parent are taught to their children, each generation works to perfect the workings of its previous generations. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, a self-realizing mechanism which no longer needs workers to oversee it but simply keeps the wheels turning until the desired end result is met. This mechanism is what we call the System. All it needs are children born and offered into it, like fodder fuel in a giant bonfire. Spirituality is no longer some fanciful aspiration but a necessitated way of life today, for ourselves and our children. Save thy self.



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