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Giving Life is one of the most Sacred experiences Man can have yet the depth of this has been lost over years and ages. As Man lost sensitivity so was the true essence of Procreation lost as well.

In all of living physical beings, has been given the ability to pro-create. Pro-creation is literally the creation of life similar to that of one’s own… thus Man gives birth to Man, fish to fish, bird to bird, plant to plant so on and so forth. Observing animals, who are so intricately weaved in with instincts, as they undergo this process something became apparent to me concerning Man. We are unnatural procreators and this is the source of our demise.

I have continually stated that Man is the most unnatural being to have walked this earth. Sad it is how they work to spread this unnatural way they have adapted. Getting to the point, there is a very deliberate way in which animals pro-create, from the very particular way they choose mating partners down to the care during pregnancy and delivery leading up to care for their children. Today, it is normal and actually expected that women go into hospitals for delivery. Pregnant women are not sick women, they are simply carrying life in them. Never mind how impersonal care in hospitals are. I speak from my own experience as a mother.

More often than not, children of today exist in the wombs of their mothers without awareness of their mothers. Although my sensitivity was far from what it is today, I myself realized I was pregnant because it suddenly felt like there were two us sharing my space. The moment my child’s Spirit enter this realm, it attached itself to my own and this alerted me to the pregnancy. Within 2 weeks I already knew the name, the few things he would pursue from passion and just what this driving passion would be. I still find it amazing that many other mothers have no idea what I am talking about. I my own self, was rather worldly then and my awakening happened due to this birth. Years later, I take time to seek understanding on what birth is all about.

In this sense, a woman is a deep mystery …in whose depths life is given form, maintained and birthed. All of Man, even the Christed Beings, have entered the matrix via a womb. The connection between mother and child is sacred, in which salvation of Mankind can be passed down through generations.

Conscious procreation, as the term implies, is the full use and involvement of Self in the process of child bearing. It begins with the nature of relationship between the man and his woman: this shall be dealt upon in another article. We shall assume that the pair are conscious and have established a relationship in this very state. Now, the desire for a child foreruns everything else. At this point, they want to sit down and think about their child, focus the desire on a specific outcome. The coming together, at the right time and in the right setting, is with the intention of conceiving this child. The right time means fertility period of the woman and the right setting is that place the couple considers most safe and established with love. It is in this space that the woman carries the pregnancy and bears the child.

The pair shall soon learn that sex in this case is the most powerful. As a conscious pair, they probably already consummate their union from a place of great care, love and tenderness for one another and is more an act of worship than physical longing. The desire to conceive however adds a new layer to this, it is a powerful layer too that intensifies the dynamic of the relationship altogether. It is with love, connection and care that the Spirit enters the world. It is in this state that the fetus grows in its mother’s womb and father’s care. It is fed by love from the mother, the father and the safe space the couple made for themselves. It is spoken to in care, as parents gain knowledge of the Spirit child. It is fed physically via the mother in great care and sensitivity to its needs. It is in this space that the child is born as well.

The birth is an intimate affair, with limited external interactions. In fact, mother and child stay separated from the outside world for a while. The birth is far removed from that of today. Nothing breaks the intimacy of mother and child; she pushes the child out and it is immediately placed on her naked chest. Here, mother and child familiarize themselves to each other’s scents. The child’s scents and pheromones further awaken love in the mother. The pheromones of love in the mother’s scent provoke the innate hunger in the child. The child is guided by scent to his mother’s breast and the relationship is now complete and sealed. Each other’s pheromones will continue to affect the other for life and it never ends, this mother-child intimacy. It is this very unseen nature of the relationship that guides the very physical nurturing of the relationship. The conscious mother and her child have a very subtle and unspoken way of understanding.

The world of today is however very different. Many are not conceived in awareness and even less carried through pregnancy in consciousness and awareness. The child of today is often treated as an afterthought, almost oops! manner, because this they are. The initial template of Self laid already bears the marks of neglect. The child is carried for 9 months ignored as Spirit for they do remain such until they are born. It needs to be mentioned that the homes of many are still very much chaotic and lacking of peace or even love. It is in this energy that the child is fed until time for birth. Birth takes place in hospitals today, cold and uncaring spaces with over worked birth attendants. In the Sub-Saharan Africa, the attendants are overworked, underpaid and therefore disgruntled. They handled the new born as such. They are expelled from the womb to be carted away where they are tested, cleaned and dressed with tenderness but void of love.

They are robbed of the skin-to-skin intimacy with their mothers; therefore, the scented, pheromonal and unseen nature of the relationship is never fully realized. The more modern and civilized the mother is, the more removed the nurturing is from what is natural. They are soon introduced to strangers, pollutants and self-demeaning consciousness instead of a calm, peaceful and safe environment. The unrealized pheromonal relationship of mother and child is destroyed with time and the two remain to be relative strangers. Even the eye contact of breastfeeding has been replaced with mobile phone use. Until they have to go to school some 3 to 5 years later, before their identity as independent beings are fully formed. Need I say that schools do not provide custom made nurture for the individual beings but then their mother’s probably do not know what this is. This then determines the rest of their lives.

What is the nature of procreation and therefore nurture afforded you and your child(ren)? How has that really affected your identity and self-worth or that of your offspring? It is from here that awakening begins: then comes self-healing, self-realization and self-actualization.



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