Existence without Purpose can be equated to floating through a Void …having fallen in and not knowing how to get out, if getting out is even possible …and we float through Life like this.

I often wish that my articles had messages of bliss and never-ending joy but that would be a lie now wouldn’t it. It seems that the mere existence of Man in flesh is the very trigger of endless suffering …or not. Seasons do change.

Now, as it were, we all are human and remain to be so. Someday or time, life may have been more peaceful, less hectic and psychologically demanding than it seems now. Maybe Man was once at peace with what he had, but seeing as they themselves made the decisions that put us on this path, we are on I would dare say no.

Having lived in this time and age, it may be well said that true pleasures seem to have been long forgotten.

Pleasures that do not to be bought or sold …

… that require nothing more than simply breathing to be …

…that are not to be fought for …

Maybe all that truly matters is that we are alive, we are fed and I dare say LOVED!

How many times, how often, have we found ourselves in places where we must work, struggle and fight to be loved… like we need to earn love, a force unseen and unheard but runs the whole universe. A force that feeds our very souls.

Yet it is this very force that lacks the most, that has humanity in a form of madness running to and fro… blowing things up, pulling things out, digging and climbing and wailing and screaming

Yes, I dare say, it is this force we seek most …the source of all our madness, civilization if you may, is this very deep lack of the force called LOVE.

And we learn this lack at conception, familiarize ourselves with it only to teach our children, so on and so forth …each generation adding one more form of madness, perfecting previous forms, until here we are in 2021 with everything falling apart and yet, no one seems eager to take notice.

Wolf’s cry, those who answer simply will and ways will be found …ways must be found.

For now, fall not into the abyss …lose yourself not in the darkness. You are found, you just don’t it yet …patience.



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