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4 min readOct 29, 2023

During times of uncertainty, it is easy to question just about everything. And you ought to, more often than just these times.

The DNA is blueprint, bearing very precise and specific information expressed as the Body. DNA is very unique to a person, the only other thing comparable to this is the human Spirit. As such, it is true to say that the DNA translates spirit language into body, Light code into Carbonic print.

The essence of life, which we are, holds two important factors: constant change and continuity. They may sound counter intuitive, yet they are the same. Rather they feed into one another. Even the very nature of life’s continuity has change written into it.

Take for instance the splitting of cells. The cell lives, experiencing its environment through the constant exchange of information via chemical pathways. Along the way, it works to fit its environment. It adapts, shifts and alters. Eventually it splits and now there are two which hold the experiential wisdom of the previous generations…

Change and continuity!

So, it goes. In time, based on exposure, we change and adapt. This is rather nonintentional. Yes, the basic patterns of habit and behavior are learned and picked up during formative years. After which, without intentional change they remain as they are for life.

Psychology affects entire generations, beyond just the obvious actions-reactions facade. The human psychology is very much based on chemical communications in the body. Chemical communications and neuron pathways: endocrine and nervous systems. They affect each other, they affect the rest of the body. They affect the cells; they affect the DNA.

It hasn’t really occurred to the modern man that in essence the human body is the system in and of itself. It is all intricately tied in, one huge system whose job is to sustain the existence of the Spirit-Soul on earth. The chemical and neuron pathways, the psychology, is the mediator between matter and energy i.e., Body and Spirit. This is the Mind.

Now, the Mind is a powerful thing. A most powerful transducer. This one piece is able to speak in just about any energy language: the most obvious is matter language, electrical and therefore magnetic, sound, chemical and mechanical etc. Most importantly, light language. Keep in mind that Light is universal, everything is made up of light and therefore emanates light. The Mind is able to perceive, receive and understand.

There is one catch however…

The Mind: Master or Slave

The Mind is a master, of the body. Wherever it wanders, the Body goes.

The Mind is a tool, a highly evolved and specialized tool. A highly powerful tool. Whoever or whatever wields it, controls the Body.

The Body is born a child so are the Soul and the Mind. The Spirit however is ageless, eternal and limitless. As the Body grows, so does the Mind. The idea is to expose the Mind, acclimatize it rather, to the environment one is born into. The Body grows from complete helplessness and dependency to empowered and independence: the Mind learns responsibility and accountability. The Mind learns how to earn power, which is unlocked along the way in varying degrees.

Needless to say, the experiential wisdom of generations is stored in the DNA. We do not need to work for this rather it’s passed down. Variations are acquired when maternal and paternal meet. The rest is acquired through our own experiences in early days.

The Mind adapts, learns and stores in the form of DNA. In the learning, it continues the process of change and adaptation. The chemical pathways eventually lead to the activation or deactivation of certain DNA sections. This is based on whether a certain expression is useful or not: on and off DNA segments go. Worst case scenarios, based on constant exposure to toxins, is destruction. The cell and body, therefore, are unable to access the information and all processes dependent on it.

Adaptation vs maladaptation, all mutation…

Beyond the Mind

Whatever controls the Mind controls the Body down to the cellular level. In this sense we affect generations to come, as the DNA is passed down.

The Mind processes what is seen, heard, thought etc. There is one who sees, hears, thinks …just beyond the Mind. Then who? Life itself, the essence of which we are, the Spirit-Soul.

The nature of the Mind as a tool means that it is subject to many influences: the external i.e., the Body and its sensuality or the internal i.e., the Spirit-Soul and its sensitivity. Other beings can insert and even assert themselves over the Mind if allowed. We either associate with the basic thoughts of the Mind or the evolutionary thoughts of the Spirit-Soul. Whichever one we choose has great implications on life, affecting not just our own selves but generations yet.

The straight and narrow path of spiritual practices serves the purpose of evolutionary growth beyond a basic Mind. Beyond a basic understanding of oneself. Beyond just human and into the Godly.



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